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Facing difficult dilemmas

Rishi Sunak and the Tories ahead of the 2024 elections

In the polls, the opposition Labour Party is far ahead of the ruling Conservatives. With the appointment of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is under immense pressure, has certainly pulled off a coup. This risky move hints at the outlines of the strategy the British Conservatives will take into the 2024 election year.

Building UK-EU bridges Convergent China policies?

By Ian Bond

This policy brief is the third of a three-paper CER/KAS project, "Shared Values, Common Challenges – UK European Security Co-operation after the War in Ukraine."

EU-UK co-operation in defence capabilities after the war in Ukraine

By Luigi Scazzieri

This policy brief is the second of a three-paper CER/KAS project, “Shared Values, Common Challenges - UK European Security Co-operation after the War in Ukraine.”

Can the European Political Community be a bridge between the UK and the EU?

By Luigi Scazzieri

This policy brief is the first of a three paper CER/KAS project, 'Shared Values, Common Challenges - UK European Security Co-operation after the War in Ukraine.' This paper focuses on the European Political Community, while the other two will focus on defence capabilities and China policy respectively.

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The Integrated Review Refresh 2023

The Integrated Review Refresh is intended to update the 2021 Integrated Review, a key document of British foreign policy, in light of a shifting world situation.

Germany is still working on a national security strategy and the governing coalition has not been able to agree on the establishment of a National Security Council. In contrast, the British government last month delivered: The Integrated Review Refresh 2023 (IRR23) builds on the Integrated Review (IR) of two years prior and is a key geostrategic document. In around 60 pages, it sets out the goals of British foreign policy and outlines strategies for achieving them. The added value of the IR is that it does not get bogged down in details, but strives to integrate the priorities of the United Kingdom (UK) in different policy areas and for different regions of the world into an overall picture that is as coherent as possible. The overall picture, which can be gleaned from the current IRR23 is similar to that of the 2021 IR but exhibits some differences that are particularly significant for Germany and Europe. The latter suggest that the post-Brexit UK has now overcome the bombast and hubris of the Johnson years and found a healthier balance between strategic ambition and pragmatism.


UK Defence and Security Relationships Across Europe

A new interactive map provides a user-friendly overview, highlighting priorities and gaps

Supporting Democracy in Challenging Times 2022

by Stephen O’Shea, Stephen Kennedy and Emma Rooney

This publication by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung UK & Ireland and European Movement Ireland covers a series of high level public events during 2022 that examined the challenges and solutions associated with Supporting Democracy in Europe from an Irish perspective.

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Quo vadis, Irland?

Die Republik Irland bekommt einen neuen Premierminister

Das Jahr 2022 ist für die Republik Irland in vielerlei Hinsicht geschichtsträchtig und wegweisend. Am 6. Dezember hat sich zum hundertsten Mal die Gründung ihres Vorgängers, des Irischen Freistaats, gejährt. Wegweisend ist dieses Jahr, weil Ereignisse in Irland und in Europa dazu geführt haben, dass sich eine Reihe von Schlüsselentwicklungen überschneiden. Ein tiefgreifender Wandel in der Parteienlandschaft der Republik, die anhaltende Unsicherheit über die Zukunft von Nordirland sowie die eskalierende geopolitische Lage stellen die Republik vor Herausforderungen, deren Beantwortung das Leben auf der Insel über Jahrzehnte beeinflussen wird.

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Diversity and democracy in the Conservative Party

Over time, the Conservatives have come to look and sound a little more like the country they aspire to run.

The British Conservative Party can lay claim to be one of the oldest and most successful political parties in the world for many reasons. Perhaps the most important is its near-legendary ability to adapt in order to reflect the society in which it operates.  It does this mainly by adjusting to changes in the economy and socio-cultural mores – some, that it helps to shape, some which it has little choice but to accommodate itself to.  Policy, however, is not everything. 

Unions, Break-ups and Special Relationships: Aspects of Irish-German-UK Relations

Edited by Prof. Paul Carmichael and Prof. Gisela Holfter

The focus of this publication is the triangular relationship between Germany, Ireland and the UK in the aftermath of Brexit. The collection offers an interdisciplinary approach to considering various cultural and political facets of relations between Ireland, Germany and the UK, covering different perspectives, issues and the opportunities which arise.