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Towards a comprehensive, inclusive and legitimate framework for European economic governance

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung – Chatham House

The immediate problem facing Europe, and in particular the Euro area of 17 member states, is to deal with crises affecting a number of countries, most recently Cyprus, but continuing in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and possibly Slovenia. This has required a range of policy responses at both national and European level to contain and mitigate the crisis. But in the longer term the frameworks and institutions governing the EU and the Euro area need to be strengthened.

Europe’s Single Market

Exploiting untapped potentials

By realising the Single Market Project, the European Union (EU) has deepened economic and political integration considerably. Not only has it been possible to strengthen competition internally and produce greater growth and employment through the free movement of workers, goods, services and capital. The external dimension is also of importance. The Single Market has strengthened the EU’s position in global competition and represents an asset in bilateral free trade agreements.

The Euro - Basics | Arguments | Perspectives

Principes | Fondamentaux | Perspectives

The euro is one of the most important projects that the European partners have committed to since the foundation of the European Union. The common currency is a symbol for European integration. It gives Europe a unique opportunity to have a global voice. The global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis gave us a clear lesson: Structural problems in individual member states can cause severe economic repercussions across the EU.

Attentat in London

Cameron beruft Krisenstab ein

Nach der brutalen Ermordung eines britischen Soldaten auf offener Straße am vergangenen Dienstag brach Premierminister Cameron seinen Frankreich-Besuch ab und berief sein Nationales Sicherheitskabinett ein.

The European Labour Market - Success Through Flexibility and Mobility

Volume 1: Success via Reform: The German Jobs Miracle

The first volume of this series examines the reform options for national markets by the example of Germany. Over the last decade, Germany has found a way of its own to equip its labour market for the challenges posed by globalisation. Dr Werner Eichhorst analyses the German jobs miracle, describes the most important reforms and illustrates the tasks that German economic policy has to contend with today.

The European Labour Market - Success Through Flexibility and Mobility

Volume 2: Jobs without Frontiers: The Potential of the Single European Labour Market

The second volume of the series deals with employee mobility in Europe and with the question of how it has developed over the last few crisis-wrought years. Dr Wido Geis analyses the factors that can support or hinder the decision to move to another country to take up a job. He illustrates reform measures to increase mobility and explains the impact that they can be expected to have.

Nachruf auf die "Eiserne Lady"

Zum Tod von Margaret Thatcher

David Cameron: „We have lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton. (...) She didn’t just lead our country, she saved our country“. Wie ihr Sprecher Lord Timothy Bell unter Berufung auf die Familie Thatcher bekannt gab, verstarb die britische Premierministerin a.D. Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven am vergangenen Montag im Alter von 87 Jahren.

"Britain and Europe"

Cameron kündigt Referendum über EU-Mitgliedschaft an

Am 23. Januar 2013 hielt David Cameron, der britische Ministerpräsident, seine mehrfach verschobene und lange erwartete Rede zu Europa. Neben einiger Rhetorik ist der Hauptkern der Rede die Ankündigung eines in/out Referendums. Dabei ist mit „in“ nicht die EU heute gemeint, sondern eine neu verhandelte EU. Sollte die Conservative Party die nächsten Wahlen in Großbritannien gewinnen, so würde das Referendum innerhalb der ersten Hälfte der nächsten Legislatur abgehalten werden.


Pläne zur Verhandlung Großbritanniens mit der EU

David Cameron, britischer Ministerpräsident, wird am Freitag, den 18. Januar, eine Rede über Großbritanniens Platz in der Europäischen Union halten. Erwartet wird dabei unter anderem, dass er etwas über die Pläne zur Verhandlung Großbritanniens mit der EU für einen „New Deal“ und ein mögliches Referendum sagt. Manch ein britischer Politiker hofft dabei auf Unterstützung aus Deutschland.

KAS Energy Security Fellowship

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is pleased to announce the second KAS Energy Security Fellowship, which is to be hosted at the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King's College London. The fellowship will fund a research stay of 12-months for a European Union (EU) resident research fellow starting in September 2013. The topic of this year’s Fellowship is “Assessing the geopolitical and economic implications of the U.S.’ drive towards energy independence”. For more information and to apply, please see the attached document.