Sustainable Urban Development and the Role of the Local Parliaments

(In Indonesian language)

Volume 1 of a series of six guidebooks for councilors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Urban and Regional Planning

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 2 of a series of six guidebooks for councilors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Water Supply and Water Management

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 4 of a series of six guidebooks for councilors of provincial, district and city parliaments

Legislative Performance of the Indonesian House of Representatives 2005

(in Indonesian language)

The Centre for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies (PSHK) has compiled a comprehensive analysis of the legislative work of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR-RI) under quantitative and qualitative aspects. It comprises both an evaluation of the parliamentary work in recent years and a prognosis on the legislative program in 2006.

Presidential Impeachment and Procedural Law of the Constitutional Court

(in Indonesian language)

Volume 2 of the series "Studies of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia" (MKRI), written bei members of the Research and Studies' Center of the MKRI unter the guidance of Winarno Yudho.

Democratization and the Issue of Terrorism in Indonesia

This volume features an eclectic collection of articles about the challenge of democratization in the age of international terrorism written by some of Indonesia’s most renowned experts on the issue. The diverse professional backgrounds of the authors (academicians, researchers, former military professionals and politicians as well as NGO activists) with their different perspectives on the issue and the broad thematic spectrum of the chosen articles provide for a most comprising and insightful analysis. This book, being among the first comprehensive academic publications in Indonesia on this topic, aims to disseminate ideas that are pertinent to the current development of the Indonesian society today.


Single Chapter of the KAF Democracy Report 2005, titled "Media and Democracy"

Survey of political frame conditions which have been influencing the work of the Indonesian media for years as well as structural data and information on the media landscape of Indonesia

Yudhoyono tut sich schwer mit seinem Reformprogramm für Indonesien

Wegen mangelnder Regierungsleistung und nicht eingehaltener Wahlversprechen werden die Bürger ungeduldig mit Präsident ‚SBY’ und seinem Kabinett

Spielmobil und mobile Bücherei für Kinder in Aceh

Fortschrittsbericht zum Bildungsprojekt von Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung und USC-SATUNAMA

"The 'New Perspective' Spreads Its Wings!"

(in Indonesian language)

In 1994 the political televison talkshow "Perspektif" with the moderator Wimar Witoelar became a hit among viewers. However, the Suharto regime disliked the programe and banned it shortly after. Yet only one month after that "Perspektif" re-emerged again, this time on the radio and in newspapers. To this day a weekly radio program is being broadcast and reprinted in several Indonesian newspapers. Freedom of speech, a key to democracy, is guaranteed in 2005. This publication was supported by KAS and emphasizes the role of the "New Perspective" in building the Indonesian democracy. It contains the edited texts of the radio interviews with numerous representatives of Indonesian public life on current or basic political questions of Indonesian domestic politics.