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The Third Cohort of the Arkan Program Completes Training Sessions

We are very proud of the participants of the third cohort of the Arkan Program for young political leaders from Israel's Arab society. The training sessions of Arkan encourage the new generation of leaders to deal with the central questions regarding Israeli society and to tackle the internal issues of the Arab community. The group met with various political figures and learned how to listen to different voices and perspectives in society. We thank our partner Shaharit for conducting this training event on a very high and professional level, strengthening Israeli democracy.

Cybertrialogue - Encountering the Future in Cyberspace

The Vulnerability of Democracies - Critical Infrastructure Under Attack

In June 2023, the Cybertrialogue was held by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin, where participants attended three days full of discussions, exchanges, and talks about different issues related to cyberspace. The predominant focus of our experts from the United States, Israel and Germany was on the protection of critical infrastructure and various approaches aimed at improving their level of protection. During the thought-provoking roundtables discussions, we spoke about regulation, cooperation and public-private partnerships. Moreover, actors in cyberspace, such as Taiwan, Iran and Israel were examined during an afternoon event with a geopolitical focus. A morning event during the Cybertrialogue was attended by experts from Latin America who were available for an exchange about the current challenges in their part of the world. Looking forward to the following projects and discussions within the Cybertrialogue framework.

Die Sicht auf Israel in der Region — people-to-people Kontakte zwei Jahre nach den Abraham Abkommen

Eine Umfrage des KEEVOON Institute und KAS Israel zu Sichtweisen auf die Region und die Abraham Abkommen

Die Zukunft der bilateralen Beziehungen zwischen Israel und Deutschland

Diskussionsrunde zum Anlass des Tags der Deutschen Einheit

40 Jahre vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit und starke Partnerschaft

Das Auslandsbüro Israel der KAS feiert Geburtstag

Am 27. Juni beging die KAS Israel in Anwesenheit von Persönlichkeiten aus Politik, Diplomatie und Zivilgesellschaft und all ihrer Partner einen Festakt anlässlich des 40-jährigen Jubiläums ihrer Auslandsarbeit in Israel.

Democracy, Trust and Mistrust

On October 27-28, 2021 KAS Israel held in cooperation with the IDI - Israel Democracy Institute  and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem it’s second online Yaron Ezrahi Conference on the topic: 'Democracy, Trust and Mistrust'

COVID19-Multi-Country Study Research Results

The world is changing rapidly. More rapidly than we have ever experienced. Every country is under a similar threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each country is responding differently and the rate of infection and mortality rates differ from country to country. We know what the Governments are doing and this survey helps us understand what people in each country think about it.

Populism in times of pandemics – a chance or danger for democracies?

On April 7th, 2020 the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s (KAS) office Israel organized an online panel discussion on “Populism in times of pandemics – a chance or danger for democracies?” bringing together experts from Germany, Israel, Hungary, and Poland. The debate focused on perspectives from different countries as to the impact of the current crisis on democracies.

Russia in the Middle East: Ever-Changing Policy in an Ever-Changing Region

The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel (KAS) held an international conference that took place on December 3 , 2019, at INSS in Tel Aviv, Israel. Middle Eastern politics changed profoundly in October 2015, when Russia decided to step into the Syrian civil war on the side of President Assad. This added an international dimension to an already complex conflict and created a new strategic situation with international consequences. In this context, the event brought together participants from Russia, Europe and Israel for an in-depth dialogue. The event focused on further understanding on the most pertinent issues and strengthening cooperation in the future.

"Responding to hybrid threats: from disinformation to boots on the ground"

KAS Israel hosts Cyber Security Roundtable

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation Israel hosted a two-day Cyber Security expert round-table in Herzliya which dealt with the topic "Responding to hybrid threats: from disinformation to boots on the ground" from the 12th to the 14th of November. The round-table was the fourth of its kind as part of a series of events and brought together German, Israeli and US experts from the field of cyber security.

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