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Jewish-Arab Business Conference



Jewish-Arab Business Conference

5th December 2006

Dan Accadia, Herzliya

8:30-9:00Reception and registration

9:00-9:15Welcoming remarks and presentation of conference program

Mr. Helmi Kittani – Co-Director, the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development

9:15-10:30The Missing Fifth: What are the causes of the Arab population's absence in the Israeli economy? (Panel chair: Mr. Sever Plotzker, Senior Economic Editor, Yedioth Aharonoth)

  • Prof. Zvi Eckstein – Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg – Head of the National Economic Council
  • Dr. Aziz Haider – Business and capital in the Arab sector, macro data on the Arab population
  • Mr. Sever Plotzker – The economic media and the Arab sector
  • Mr. Muhammad Abdellatif, owner of shopping center in Umm el-Fahm – consumer behavior in the Arab sector

10:30-10:45Prof. Yuli Tamir, Minister for Education

10:45-11:45Starting is hard: Difficulties in entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on credit obstacles (Panel chair: Ms. Eman Kassem Sliman of Kol Israel Radio in Arabic)

  • Reuven Schiff, accountant – President of the Chamber of Accountants
  • Mr. Yaakov Tannenbaum – CEO of Mercantile Discount Bank
  • Mr. Aharon (Nuni) Cohen, Koret Fund research fellow – presentation of study: "Credit discrimination in Israel"
  • Mr. Nizar Allawi – Amo Electronics

11:45-12:00Mr. Stef Wertheimer – A common economic future

12:00-13:00Initiatives, joint business zones, funds, incubators – A glance at the future: Entrepreneurship, management and investment? (Panel chair: Mr. Yoav Stern – Ha'aretz)

  • Mr. Ayman Samara – CEO of Samara Communications.
  • Mr. Tammin Yassin – CEO Obek Gaz and hi-tech investor
  • Mr. Orni Patrushka – Founder and CEO of Chromatis, Chairman of the National Census
  • Mr. Michael Federman – Chairman of the Board of Elbit Systems and Dan Hotels
  • Mr. David Avner – Deputy CEO of Partner


14:00-14:05Mr. Hanoch Marmari, Co-Director, Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development

14:05-14:20MK Binyamin Netanyahu, Likud Party Chairman

14:20-15:20Jobs to match skills: Media and hi-tech (Panel chair: Mr. Dror Globerman – Ma'ariv)

  • Mr. Adi Bildner – Vice President of Human Resources at HP Israel
  • Dr. Avi Rimer, chief psychologist at Pilat – Psychological tests as culturally biased
  • Prof. Majd Al-Hajj, Dean of Research at the University of Haifa – Fitting employment and cultural obstacles
  • Dr. Daniel Gottlieb – Senior advisor to the Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Mr. Mahmud Asfour – Team Manager at M-Systems

15:20-15:40Coffee break

15:40-15:45Dr. Lars Hänsel – Representative of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Israel

15:45-16:00Mr. Isaac Herzog, Minister of Tourism

16:00-17:00The War in the North as an opportunity to reshape Jewish-Arab relations in the economic sphere (Panel chair: Mr. Dror Globerman – Ma'ariv)

  • Mr. Raanan Dinur, Director-General of the Prime Minister's Office
  • Maj.-Gen (res.) Danny Rothschild – head of the Council for Peace and Security
  • Mr. Shauki Khatib – Chairman of the Committee of Heads of Arab Local Councils in Israel
  • Mr. Shlomo Buchbut – Head of the Forum of Communities on the Conflict Line

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