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New Approaches to Conflict Management in Israeli Society

Bar Ilan University Graduate Program

Now in its 20th annual cycle this special graduate level training course combines theoretical and practical aspects of cultural approaches to conflict management challenges within Israeli society.


Considered a major fixture of the Graduate Program in Conflict Management and Project for the Study of Religion, Culture and Peace at Bar-Ilan University, and run in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation it has served as a conflict management training program with an important multiplying effect through the impact of its many graduates. Anchored in the Israeli reality of ideological and social schism it seeks to offer new approaches to finding common ground between the various cultural groups in Israeli society based on federalist thinking rooted in the Jewish political tradition. Guest speakers, prominent in their fields offer insights into the narratives and key challenges facing major sub-groups in Israeli society, along with the conceptual foundations of the course. Through intense discussion, feedback papers and simulation exercises multicultural competency is acquired by the graduate students to promote diversity within unity in Israel which is both a Jewish and multicultural society. 

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Susi Doring Preston