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Water - a Connecting Element

Water has become a scarce resource, and is an essential strategic asset. Regarding Israeli-Palestinian bilateral relations, solving questions of water allocation equals focussing on practical matters of cooperation of benefit to all sides.


The meeting offers a platform to exchange experiences from ongoing or previous water management cooperation projects and to propose new solutions.

Questions to be addressed during the roundtable discussion include:

What are the specific hydrological needs of various socio-economic sectors?

What measures are already in practice in Israel and the Palestinian Authority to save water and to use it more efficiently, based on the principle of sustainable development?

How can new water desalination projects be utilized for bi-lateral cooperation?

Which adjacent fields are affected by changes in water supply (e.g. ecosystem, agriculture, sewage, business operations, housing and living conditions)?

Representatives from the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, the Israeli Water Authority, Friends of the Earth - Middle East, and the Amman Center for Peace and Development will participate. Discussants are, as well, scholars from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Hebrew University and the Netanya Academic College. The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue is hosting the event.

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Water - a Connecting Element: Roundtable Discussion on Water and Energy Supply
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Dr. Nadine Carlson (geb. Mensel)