Deutsch-Israelische Beziehungen – Wege in die Zukunft

Diskussion mit Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Präsident der Knesset

Expert conference

Populism & Policy

Global Populist Trends applied to Common Policy Problems 
On December 9th, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Israel Democracy Institute will host their third workshop on Populism.

Expert conference

Russia in the Middle East

Strategic Implications of Russia’s Involvement in the Middle East
The INSS Russia Program, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel,invites you to an international conference Among the conference topics: Russia in the international arena, Russia in the Middle East, and the relationship with Israel Panels open to the public and closed forums with leading experts from Russia,EU, and Israel More details to follow

Expert conference

The Annual National Security Conference

On November 25-26, 2019 the National Security and Democracy Program at IDI will hold its annual conference in Jerusalem in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung

Study and Information Program

SImon Veil Research Centre and KAS Israel: Study Tour of Poland

The study program will focus on Poland as a member of the European Union, its European integration process and current developments in the Polish society such as euro-skepticism, populism and anti-democratization trends. We will discuss the connection between the distant past of Poland, its role in World War II, the communist past, the westward turn, the rise of the right, its approach toward minorities, the place of the Jews, and its connection with Israel.

Expert conference

Arms Control Conference and Experts Forum

The INSS Arms Control and Regional Security Program, in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, will hold the annual Arms Control Conference and Experts Forum on November 11-12, 2019 at INSS.

Expert conference

Israeli Diplomacy in the Age of Ascendant Authoritarianism

Together with the Israel Council on Foreign Relations (which operates under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress), the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel organizes the conference "Israeli Diplomacy in the Age of Ascendant Authoritarianism" on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute 43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem Conference Hall.


The ideological roots of the "price tag" phenomenon

Exploring the subculture of “religiously-motivated racism" in Israel

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Diskussionsrunde: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Israel und das Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information

Am 23. April 2013 veranstalteten die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Israel und das Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information eine Diskussionsrunde mit israelischen und palästinensischen Medienvertretern zur Rolle der Medien im Nahostkonflikt. Die Veranstaltung fand in Kooperation mit Keshev – The Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel – statt.

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Partners for Regional Leadership

A promising start
KAS Israel, the EU, and their Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian partners came together on April 2, 2013 to welcome the launch of the newly funded EU project “Partners for Regional Leadership” (PRL) which will bring conflict resolution tools to the classroom in Jordan, the West Bank and Israel.

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The Two State Solution

Lofty dreams vs. realistic perspectives
KAS Israel, the Centre for the Study of European Politics and Society at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Israel Council on Foreign Relations came together in Jerusalem on March 19, 2013 for a panel discussion on the occasion of the publication of The Routledge Handbook on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, edited by Joel Peters and David Newman.

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Palästinensischer Handel und Export

by Evelyn Gaiser

Hürden, Herausforderungen und Hoffnungen
Ende Februar 2013 organisierten die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel und das Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) gemeinsam eine Diskussionsrunde, die dem palästinensischen Handel und Export gewidmet war. Gemeinsam berieten Israelis und Palästinenser über Möglichkeiten, diese Bereiche zu stärken und nachhaltig für mehr Wohlstand und Stabilität in der Region zu sorgen. Zudem ging es darum, wie Hürden im Friedensprozess durch besseres Verknüpfen beider Wirtschaftsräume überwunden werden können.

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Citizenship in Germany and Israel

Creating loyalty through inclusion
On March 5, 2013 the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem and KAS Israel came together to present the public symposium: Citizenship in Germany and Israel - A comparative retrospective. The event was attended by participants from an international conference marking the 200th Anniversary (1812-2012) of the Prussian Emancipation Edict for the Jews and a broader Israeli audience.

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Abfallentsorgung und Trinkwasserschutz

by Evelyn Gaiser

Eine gemeinsame Herausforderung für Palästinenser und Israelis
Am 20. Februar 2013 organisierten die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel und das Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) gemeinsam ein Studien- und Informationsprogramm für israelische Umweltaktivisten durch das Westjordanland, um dort über die ökologische Situation vor Ort aufzuklären. Im Mittelpunkt der Besichtigungen standen die zum Teil alarmierenden Wasser- und Abfallentsorgungsprobleme, aber auch kooperative Lösungsansätze.

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Arab and Jewish businesswomen in Israel

The success story continues
On the 19th of February 2013, the 12th annual Jasmine Conference commenced in Ramat Gan attracting over 300 participants. The conference brought together Jewish and Arab small and medium sized business owners to help them gain perspective in the business field. “Jasmine” is a joint project of KAS Israel and the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development. The annual conference offers participants alternating themes, the focus of this year’s conference was on the market power of female-run businesses as suppliers.

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Die Parteienverdrossenheit arabischer Wähler in Israel

Analysen und Lösungsansätze
Am 11. Februar 2013 veranstaltete die KAS Israel gemeinsam mit dem Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) und dem Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation (KAP) der Universität Tel Aviv ein ganztägiges Seminar zur Politik arabischer Parteien in Israel nach den Knesset-Wahlen vom 22. Januar 2013.

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The Role of Rwanda’s Media in inciting Genocide and contemporary local Responses

Guest lecture on the topic of the Rwandan media before and during the 1994 genocide
On 20 January 2013, the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University Jerusalem together with KAS Israel organised a guest lecture on the topic of the Rwandan media before and during the 1994 genocide. Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman (George Washington University) spoke about the topic and the concept of “Social entrepreneurship” as a contemporary response. The lecture offered an example of this concept in the newly inaugurated Kigali Public Library. Dr. Kaufman – himself a social entrepreneur – serves on its Board of Trustees.

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The Legalisation of male circumcision in Germany: Dilemmas and alternatives

Guest lecture by Dr. Ayelet Banai
On 7 January 2013 the KAS office Israel and the Helmut Kohl Institute in the European Forum of the Hebrew University Jerusalem organised a guest lecture by Dr. Ayelet Banai (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University) on the legalisation of male circumcision in Germany. Dr. Banai spoke in her lecture about the complications that explicit legalisation would bring, and explored possible alternatives including unresolved issues.