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Perspectives for Economic and Trade Policy and International Relations

Lecture delivered by Philipp Mißfelder, MP, Foreign Policy Spokesman of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group, at an evening debate organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Keizai Koho Center in Tokyo, 2012.

Sustainable Growth - Financial Stability

Current Lessons for Social and Economic Governance

Occasional Paper on the conference "Sustainable Grwoth - Financial Stability", jointly organized by the KAS Social and Economic Governance Programm (SOPAS) and the Institute for International Monetary Affairs (IIMA) on 02 October 2012 in Tokyo

Political Parties

functions and organisation in democratic societies

Publication on the characteristics and challenges of political parties as central elements of modern democratic societies by Dr. Karsten Grabow, Coordinator for Political Analysis and Party Research, Team Domestic Policy,Politics and Consulting, Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, and Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister, Director of the Regional Programme “Political Dialogue Asia”, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Asia's Changing Power Dynamics

How Japan and India can Partner for Peace

On 05 December 2011 the internationally renowned Indian analyst on regional and security policy, Brahma Chellaney, author of the bestseller "Asian Juggernaut" (Harper 2010) and the newly released book "Water: Asia’s New Battleground" (Georgetown University Press 2011), on invitation of KAS Japan gave a presentation on "Asia's Changing Power Dynamics: How Japan and India Can Partner for Peace", which is summarized in this country report.

Japan's Defense and Security Policies

What's Old, What's New, What's Ahead

Analysis of the contents, changes and developments in Japan's defense policy since Tokyo adopted the so-called “National Defense Program Guidelines” (NDPG) in December 2010 by Prof. Dr. Axel Berkofsky, Professor and Gianni Mazzocchi Fellow at University of Pavia, Italy, and Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for International Political Studies, Milan (ISPI).

East Asia Regionalism

Papers of the Workshop on "Differing Perspectives on East Asian Regionalism" organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Hiroshima Peace Institute in Hiroshima 2010

Rethinking Diplomacy

New Approaches and Domestic Challenges in East Asia and the European Union

Mit Beiträgen von : Jang-Hie Lee, Yuichi Hosaya, Lam Peng Er, Haruko Satoh, Li Mingjiang, Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Frank Umbach

Rethinking Diplomacy

New Approaches and Domestic Challenges in East Asia and the European Union

New Approaches and Domestic Challenges in East Asia and the European Union

Die Katastrophe von Fukushima

In die Politische Meinung Juni 2011

Perzeptionen des japanischen Atomunglücks aus koreanischer und japanischer Perspektive in Unterschied zu der deutschen Sichtweise

Corporate Strategy in Times of Globalization

The Social Market Economy in Europe and its Implications for Japanese Businesses

Contributions by : Shigeru Asaba, Gunnar Geyer, Herbert Hemming, Summary of the presentation by Takashi Shimakawa by Martin Pohl, Martin Pohl