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Parliamentary Elections

Jordan 2024

Are you ready to shape the future of Jordan in the 2024 parliamentary elections?

Politics 101

Aiming to simplify the world of politics for viewers

Politics 101 is an educational web series designed to elucidate complex political concepts, ideologies, civic engagement strategies, and the intricacies of political parties and elections. The project consists of a series of episodes, each focusing on distinct political themes. 

KAS Jordan in the Media

Articles in the German and International press

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Jordan's King in Berlin

A partner for dialogue and de-escalation in the Middle East

The recent escalation of violence in the Middle East conflict is also shaking Jordan. The population is upset, King Abdullah is trying to mediate. Today he meets Chancellor Scholz in Berlin.

Jordan and the War in Gaza

At the Edge of the War

The recent escalation of violence in the Middle East conflict has also shaken neighboring Jordan. The people's spirit is boiling, the king is trying to mediate.

Foreign Relations Survey (Wave IV)– Summer 2023

This report summarizes the findings of the survey and compares the results with previously available data from NAMA surveys and other published studies to build time series.

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The Jordanian Paradox

Participation and control

Jordan wants to enable more political participation and strengthen parliamentarism. The legal course has been set. At the same time, the scope for critical expression of opinion is narrowing, most recently as a result of a new law to combat cybercrime. But the country's modernization can only succeed if the state has confidence in its citizens.

Political Parties Monitoring Report

July 2023

In their sixth political parties' monitoring report, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation - Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, monitor the political party movements in Jordan and provide an in-depth report of all the recent and most important developments pertaining to their status from the period of the 23rd February 2023- June 2023.

KAS-WANA Think Tank School

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Jordan Office and West Asia-North Africa Institute (WANA) are launching a joint project entitled: “KAS-WANA Think Tank School”. This project seeks to engage six early-career Jordanians launching their careers as policy analysts in think tanks or civil society organisations. The KAS-WANA Think Tank School will provide participants with the space, skills, and expertise to co-create their learning trajectory as policy analysts. The participants will then present their work in a reception in December 2023 to Jordanian and international stakeholders organised by KAS and WANA.

Scholarships for Masters or PhD in Germany

Application Deadline: 12th of March 2023

If you are a socially and/or politically committed student or doctoral candidate from all disciplines with German language skills at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference and have excellent academic performance this might be interesting for you!