Addressing Long-Term Perspectives on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Participation is upon personal invitation only.


Jordan is one of the countries that are experiencing economic and political pressure due to the massive refugee influx as a result of the Syrian Civil War that started in 2011. This has dramatically increased Jordan’s population size and strained its resources.

The refugee crisis has caused severe overcrowding in hospitals and schools, social and political instability, increased unemployment and poverty levels and weakened the infrastructure.

Syria’s neighbors opened their borders to refugees expecting that the conflict would soon end and that the massive population increases would be temporary. However, the Syrian conflict hurtles deeper into its fourth year and it shows no signs of an end. Large returns will not happen anytime soon, therefore Jordan, Syria’s other neighboring countries and the international communities have to be prepared for long-term solutions.

To stress the importance of Jordan’s preparation for long-term solutions in the frame of its national and international obligations and to discuss how Jordan and the international community encourage jointly long-term development, KAS Jordan office in cooperation with the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy is organizing a roundtable discussion on 16 March 2015 in Amman.

Experts will analyze political and social issues and will discuss long-term solutions for the crisis. They will come up with recommendation on how Jordan and the international community can meet the challenges.

The roundtable will be attended by representatives of the donor community, NGOs, Academics, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, UNHCR and other UN agencies.

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Amman, Jordan


Dr. Otmar Oehring

Internationaler Religionsdialog

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