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Merkel's Dilemma – Refugees and the Rise of the European Populists


The Regional Programme Gulf States and the Jordan Office jointly organise an expert talk with Mr Ali Aslan on Germany’s refugee policy, the rise of European populist parties and the future of the European Union (EU).


Mr Ali Aslan is a seasoned TV presenter and journalist. He has worked for CNN, ABC News, Channel News Asia and Deutsche Welle, where he hosted the international talk show “Quadriga”. A frequent speaker and moderator, Aslan has also served as a Policy and Media Advisor to the German government, including the Foreign Office. He has intensively researched and worked on the consequences of the refugee crisis in Europe.


Against the background of Germany’s refugee policy, Mr Aslan’s talk will revolve around Germany’s reluctant, yet increasing leadership role in the EU. The impending Brexit and populist political parties gaining momentum in various European countries raise significant questions: How can the EU jointly deal with the influx of refugees based on European values, while at the same time containing the rise of populist parties? Mr Aslan will also focus on Germany’s role in holding the European Union together and what this means for the EU’s relations with its Middle Eastern neighbours.

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Merkel's Dilemma – Refugees and the Rise of the European Populists: AN EXPERT DIALOGUE ON THE SOCIO-POLITICAL CHALLENGES OF MIGRATION
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