Satire Academy

An Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy and Sketch-Writing

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in cooperation with Amman Comedy Club (ACC) are very excited to announce the launch of "Satire Academy" for the year 2021-a training academy on satire and stand-up comedy!


Amman Comedy Club Application
Amman Comedy Club Application

Laugh until you cry or at least try!

For those who have a great sense of humour and a burning desire to perform on stage,  show us what you've got!

KAS Jordan Office and Amman Comedy Club have launched their newest project, "Satire Academy" that will focus on  helping the participants increase and build their satirical talents in stand-up comedy and perform satirical monologues and write satirical sketches. Participants will also be trained on how to conduct factual research on social and political issues that will be tackled through comedy.

The workshop will consist of 5 intensive training days starting on the 13th of July, followed by 5 one-day trainings over five weeks.



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Layan Ounis

Layan Ounis

Project Assistant | Research Fellow +962 6 5929777 ext.: 218