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Jordan and Germany in the Middle East

Dealing with Crises and Shaping the Future

The Middle East conflict is currently going through another wave of violent escalation. This comes against the background of new dynamics in the Middle East, including recent rapprochements among several regional actors. At the same time, unresolved conflicts, like the ones related to Palestine or Syria, continue to prevent lasting stability. In addition, the global geopolitical landscape is changing with potential repercussions on both the Middle East and Europe. Considering these developments, continued and frank dialogue between Jordan and Germany is of special importance. Both countries share a history of seventy years of cooperation and have been trusted political partners. How can Amman and Berlin work together to de-escalate regional conflicts and shape a more peaceful future? How can both countries best exploit the potential of cooperation in fields of mutual interests, such as energy or skilled labor? How do Jordan and Germany define their position in the emerging new regional and global order and how could that affect their bilateral relations?

Expert talk

Political Participation in Jordan from a Religious Perspective

Roundtable Discussion

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Jordan Office, in cooperation with the Catholic Centre for Studies and Media (CCSM) in Amman, organizes a round table discussion on political participation in Jordan from a religious perspective.

Expert talk

Jordan - Still an Anchor of Stability and a Partner to Shape the New Middle East?

Policy Roundtable

The Jordan Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in cooperation with the German Institute for Area Studies (GIGA) is organizing a policy roundtable at the KAS Headquarters in Berlin. Within the framework of this roundtable, KAS and GIGA will engage with the Jordanian and German foreign policy community in order to discuss the domestic and foreign policy of Jordan and German-Jordanian relations


Jordan: From Dreams to Reality | الأردن: بين الحلم والواقع

Arts Exhibition

Join us for the opening of the exhibition, discussion and book launch on Tuesday, 14th March 2023, at 5.00 pm or come and visit the exhibition that continues from 15th to 20th of March


The State of Political Participation and Representation in Jordan 2022

Survey Launch Event


Impact of the War in Ukraine on the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen and the Prospects of Peace

Expert Roundtable

KAS Jordan Office is hosting a panel discussion to address the implications of the war in Ukraine on the humanitarian crises in Yemen and the prospects of peace in the country. The discussion will take place on Tuesday, 25th October 2022 at the King Hussein Club at 10:30 am.


Christians and Christianity in the Middle East

Expert Discussion


Preventing Radicalization through education

The conference will have simultaneous translation Arabic-English.

Expert conference

Jordan in a Changing Regional and International Environment (4)

New Opportunities and How to Invest in Them

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)-Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies are organizing their fourth annual conference that focuses on Jordan in a changing environment. This event will feature academics, experts, political analysts and politicians from Jordan, the Arab World, Europe, Russia and the United States. This two-day conference will thoroughly examine new challenges that have affected Jordan in the region, but also the new opportunities that have arisen with new and potential regional and international cooperation and how Jordan can invest in them


Stand-Up Comedy Show

Satire and Stand-Up Comedy

Leave your problems at home and get your daily dose of comedy!

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The Arab Uprising and its Economic Implications on Lebanon

On June 24th, KAS Amman with the cooperation of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies held a closed roundtable discussion that brought experts together to discuss “The Arab Uprising and its Economic Implications on Lebanon”. Panelists tackled Lebanon economic particularities in light of many factors and the recommendations to overcome the tough economic period.

The Arab Uprising and its Political Implications on Lebanon

On June 24th, KAS Amman in conjunction with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies held a closed roundtable discussion that brought experts together to discuss “The Arab Uprising and its Political Implications on Lebanon”. Panelists tackled issues including the complications of the Arab uprising on Lebanon, the formation of Miqati’s government, and the implications of Syria demonstrations.

Energy Security in the Middle East and the Gulf Region - Geopolitics, security challenges and sustainable supplies

Geopolitik, Sicherheitspolitische Her-ausforderungen und nachhaltige Versorgung

In joint organisation with the Arab Institute for Security Studies and the Energy Research Program, the KAS Amman held a regional workshop entitled "Energy Security in the Middle East and Gulf Region - Geopolitics, Security Challenges and sustainable supplies" from July 6th - 7th. Under the auspices of the primie minister of Jordan, the panellists tackled - together with the international audience - current challenges in energy policy facing the Middle East, including the question of ensuring sustainable petroleum- and gas supplies.

In the Aftermath of the Changes: Problems and Future of Euro-Mediterranean Relations

Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal

The Arab protests have shown the motivation and will of especially young people for changes and democracy. Europe’s role in this process of democratization has the potential to make a significant difference for the future Euro-Arab relations. In light of these developments, the KAS Amman and the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies held a workshop on the problems and the future of the relationship between Europe and the Middle East. A focus of the international conference was on Muslim-Jewish-Christian relations in the two regions and the promotion of inter-faith dialogue.

International Conference on Cross Cultural Education

KAS Amman Office contributed to a scientific conference organized and designed by Adyan Foundation in cooperation with Notre Dame University and other renowned academic partners. The two-day conference took place in Lebanon on June 2/3 and aimed at fostering Cross-Cultural Euromed education.

Linking Civil Society and Academia: The Relevance of Women and Gender Studies

On Friday, June 17/18, 2011 over 20 representatives of Iraqi academic institutions and leading non-governmental organizations, supported by some selected representatives of gender studies in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey gathered in Amman, Jordan, to discuss women and gender studies.

Visit of Leading Journalists from Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories

From April, 3-10, 2011 six leading journalists from Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories joined Dr. Martin Beck, Resident Representative of the KAS Amman, in visiting the media cities of Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. There, the journalists had the opportunity to engage with German journalists on a professional level and to discuss a variety of issues with leading representatives of German politics.

The Arab Uprising: Domestic Consequences and International Reactions

On May 19th, KAS Amman in conjunction with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies held a closed roundtable discussion that brought academics and experts together to discuss “The Arab Uprisings: Domestic Consequences and International Reactions.” Panelists tackled issues including the future of Euro-Mediterranean relations, the potential trajectories of Arab regimes, and the international perceptions of the Arab Spring.

The Uprising in the Arab World What Happened, What’s Next?

On May 6, 2011, KAS Amman and the Institute of Financial Economics of the American University of Beirut organized a joint workshop on "The Uprising in the Arab World - What Happened, What’s Next?”. Leading academics and experts discussed the underlying causes and future challenges of the Arab Spring, described as the most dramatic political mass movement since the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. Please find here a detailed report on the workshop:

The Role of Municipalities in Local Development in Jordan

On March 24th, 2011, KAS Amman and the Visions Center for Strategic and Development Studies organized a joint workshop on ‘The Role of Municipalities in local development in Jordan’. Experts on this topic, political decision-makers and representatives of civil society were able to discuss decentralization and its implementation in Jordan. Please find here a detailed report on the workshop: