Training Courses in Civil & Political Rights

In using the Training Manual for Civil and Political Rights produced in a joint project in 2005, the Regional Program Near East/ Mediterranean and the National Centre for Human Rights-Jordan organize this Training course in Civil & Political Rights.


Development of a common strategy of the government and the civil society to improve human rights in Jordan

zur Durchsetzung der Menschenrechte in Jordanien

The KAS in cooperation with the Institute of Diplomacy & the National Center for Human Rights organize a roundtable on the "Development of a common strategy of the government and the civil society to improve human rights in Jordan" on 18.November.

Expert conference

Jordan Youth’s Vision for the Future

7th Jordan Youth Forum

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the National Forum for Youth and Culture: Jordan Youth are organizing the 7th Jordan Youth Forum in Amman from 16. to 18. November 2006.


Training on Human Rights Seminar for Yemen and Gulf Countries

The Regional Program Near East/Mediterranean and the Human Rights Information and Training Center organize the "Training on Human Rights for Yemen and Gulf Countries" in showing the human rights development and peaceful ways of conflict settlement.


How to Increase the Political Participation of Jordanian Youth?

Essay Contest

The KAF-Regional Program Near East/ Mediterranean and the National Forum for Youth & Culture honor the best essays on „How to increase the political participation of Jordanian Youth?” on 17. October 2006 in Amman.

Expert conference

Arab Media in Dialogue with The Other

5th Arab Women Media Conference

The KAS Regional Program and the Arab Women Media Center(Amman) are organizing the 5th Arab Women Media conference on "Arab Media in Dialogue with The Other" in Amman from 19 to 19/9/06.

Expert conference

Perspectives of European Foreign and Security Policy in the Mediterranean

On the Eve of the German EU Council Presidency


Study and Information Program

EU-Migration Problematic from a German Perspective

German-Maghreb Journalist Academy

The KAS Regional Program is organizing the German-Maghreb Journalist Academy "EU-Migration Problematic from a German Perspective" from 13 to 23 September 2006 in Berlin and Bonn/ St. Augustin.

Study and Information Program

Good Governance and Media Ethics

This Academy concentrates on media representatives from the Arab World. It is organized by the Regional Program Near East/ Mediterranean and the Deutsche Welle.


Reform of the Security Sector in the Arab World

Regional Workshop of KAS Regional Program Near East/Mediterranean and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS).

Jordan in a Changing Regional Environment:The Upcoming Scenarios

Conference report

High-ranking international and Jordanian experts, researchers, officials, decision-makers and former Jordanian ministers were all invited to participate in the third annual conference, partnered with Al-Quds Centre for Political Studies, titled, ‘Jordan in a Changing Regional and International Environment-The Upcoming Scenarios”. This is to share their expert opinions, and analysis on the current political events taking place in the region, and how it directly (and indirectly) affects Jordan. This conference intended to address the changing regional and international environment through a Jordanian lens, and how these changing regional dynamics will impact Jordan in the future. It took place in Amman in February 2020.

Jordan in a Changing Regional Environment

Regional Conference

Jordan is located in a turbulent regional environment. It is situated at the center of several crises that came into existence or were exacerbated after the uprisings of the so-called “Arab spring”. In this context, KAS Jordan Office organized together with Al-Quds Center for Political Studies a regional conference from 04 to 06 November 2017 in Amman. This conference analyzed Jordan’s internal and external security threats, its position and interests in the region as well as the impact of current regional developments on the country.

Meeting with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal

KAS Saxony in Amman

In the course of a study tour conducted by Dr. Klose, representative for KAS Saxony, a meeting with several high-ranking politicians took place.

Opening of the German week: KAS presents the “Wahl-o-Mat”


Opening of the German Week at the Jordan Museum

Welcome reception of Dr. Annette Ranko


New Resident Representative hosts welcome reception

Dialogue program for politically engaged youth from Jordan in Berlin from the 9th to 15th of July 2017

Civil Society Program KAS Jordan

Security challenges in the Middle East

Jordanian Military at KAS

On 30 March 2017, the Royal Jordanian National Defense College (RJNDC) visited the headquarters of Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Berlin, as part of a visiting programme to Germany in the context of their Officers’ training in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Defence.

T20 Task Force on Forced Migration (TFFM)in Amman

Leading up to this year’s G20 Hamburg Summit, Task Force on Forced Migration (TFFM) meetings have been held in Berlin and Amman. They seek to develop evidence-based policy advice and solutions for the current refugee situation, especially in terms of robust funding, distribution, education, and labour market integration. Following the framework of other TFFM, an Outreach Event was hosted in Amman (Jordan) from the 14th to the 16th of February 2017. Representatives from both the Jordan and Syria/Iraq offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung participated in this session.

Policy Mechanisms of Ministries Working with International Organizations

On 27 February 2017, the Ministry of Social Development and KAS Jordan Office held a pilot workshop entitled, “Policy Mechanisms of Ministries Working with Foreign Organizations” to communicate best practice examples of registration, residency and work permit procedures for employees, and foreign funding applications, with the benefit of less obstructive bureaucracy as a consequence. The session helped close the procedural knowledge gap.

Merkel's Dilemma – Refugees and the Rise of the European Populists


The Regional Office Gulf States and the Jordan Office jointly organised an expert talk with TV presenter and journalist Mr Ali Aslan on Germany's refugee policy, the rise of European populist parties and the future of the European Union.