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Political Satire through Media and Technologie

Workshop for young comedians and journalists

The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Jordan is organising together with the Amman Comedy Club a workshop with comedians and journalists.


Societal Security - Dealing with Non-Conventional Challenges

Towards a Next Generation of Leaders on Strategic and Security Issues

This event is being organised in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS). It is a training session on societal security and deaing with non-conventional threats for young professionals in the Irbid area.


Satire Academy

Stand Up Comedy and writing Satire training

The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and the Amman Comedy Club are organising training workshop on satire and stand up comedy


Formulating Public Policy Papers to Enhance JOR-EU Human Security Cooperation

Workshops on Policy Paper Writing

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute are organising a series of workshops for young Jordanians from different professional backgrounds aiming to develop their writing skills of Public Policy Papers.


Preventing Violence and Radicalisation in Schools

Three Workshop with teachers on civic education

The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation together with the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education (JCCE) is organising a series of three workshops on civic education and dealing with a culture of violence in schools. The participants will be a group of teachers from different, less affluent private schools in the Greater Amman area who specialised in social studies and civic education. During the workshops the teachers will be working with the "Ana Muwaten - I Am a Citizen" teachers manual which was developed by JCCE and published by the KAS Jordan Office in 2019.

Study and Information Program

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan during the Corona Virus Pandemic

News Articles

The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation and the Nisan Centre, in association with the Tanweer Jordan news website (, will publish reports, interviews and articles written by professional Jordanian journalists that shed light on the role of civil society organizations in Jordan during the Covid-19 pandemic and since the announcement of the lockdown in mid-March 2020. The published material is in Arabic.


Election Workshop Series

Series of five workshops about the upcoming Jordanian general elections

KAS-Jordan Office and its cooperation partner, Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, are organising five, one-day workshops for Members of the Jordanian Parliament, leaders of different political parties, Jordanian scholars, young activist, and women's rights activists who represent different political and ideological trends in Jordan. The participants will discuss five different topics related to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Jordan in order to gain insides about new practices, current debates and future scenarios.


Youth Academy 2020 - Al-Quds Center for Political Studies

Series of workshops in the framework of the Youth Academy 2020

The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Jordan and its partner Al-Quds Center for Political Studies organising a series of 5 workshops for young members of political parties in the framework of the Youth Academy 2020. The workshops are part of the institutional Capacity-Building Program for Jordanian Political Parties of the KAS. The aim is to develop and empower young people in the fields of political party work and decision-making processes. The workshops will focus on introducing the participants to their rights and duties, strengthen their commitment to better serving their community and to give them better insights into party politics.


Youth Academy 2020 - JCCE

Political Participation and Civic Engagement of the Jordanien Youth

 The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Jordan in cooperation with its partner JCCE is organising a series of workshops as a part of the Youth Academy 2020 - JCCE. The target group are politically and civically engaged young people from all over in Jordan. The aim of the workshops is to discuss and learn more about the importance of youth civic and political participation and how young people can strengthen their agency and find their own voice.

Expert conference

Regional Conference

Jordan in a Changing Regional and International Environment - The Upcoming Scenarios

KAS and the cooperation partner Al Quds Center for Political Studies are organizing this fourth conference that contributes to a roadmap about the big challenges Jordan is facing at the moment and in times to come. High-ranking Jordanian former politicians and analysts as well as renowned international experts discuss Jordan's role in the region.

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NATO Academic Competition

Written By: Celine Schaller

As the unipolar world shifts towards a multipolar world order, new conflicts will arise in which the defense alliance will act. But what role does the defense alliance play in other regions outside Europe and North America? Which strategies does the alliance follow there? These and similar ques-tions were discussed at the NATO Academic Competition on the 7th of November 2023 in Amman.

German Foreign Policy – After Zeitenwende

A Conversation with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stahl - By: Daria Korastyleva

On the 4th of October 2023, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) Jordan Office, organized a dialogue seminar with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stahl, a professor at the Chair for International Politics at the University of Passau. The seminar aimed to delve deeper into the evolving landscape of Germany’s foreign policy, exploring its interests, strategic tools, and far-reaching implications for the Middle East. Jordanian analysts and young professionals joined the discussion, adding valuable perspectives to the discussion.

Foreign Relations Survey Launch (Wave IV)

Event Report

Getting Ready for a New Era of Political Life in Jordan

A Dialogue Session with Political Parties

In lieu of Jordanian political parties formalizing their situation to align with the new political parties' law, and witnessing new political parties being created, the Jordan Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), Al-Quds Center for Political Studies and the Independent Election Commission have launched a dialogue session for political parties. Featuring party members from Morocco and Lebanon, the dialogue session aims to allow party members across the region to exchange their experiences in political parties' participation in parliamentary elections.

Political Participation in Jordan from a Religious Perspective


On June 24, 2023, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) Office Abroad in Jordan, together with the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM), organized the event "Political Participation in Jordan from a Religious Perspective" in Amman, Jordan. The conference was held under the patronage of His Excellency Abdul-Raouf Rawabdeh, Jordan's former Prime Minister. The Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan, Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso, and about 100 people such as Muslim and Christian clergy, journalists and representatives of civil society attended the conference.

Jordan – Still an Anchor of Stability and a Partner to Shape the New Middle East?

Policy Roundtable in Berlin

On March 27th 2023, the Jordan Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in cooperation with the German Institute for Area Studies (GIGA), have organized a policy roundtable on Jordan at the KAS Headquarters in Berlin. KAS and GIGA have taken the pulse of the Hashemite Kingdom and have engaged with around 40 Jordanian and German analysts and the Berlin foreign policy community in order to discuss the domestic and foreign policy of Jordan, German-Jordanian relations and German and European policies towards Jordan.

Jordan: From Dreams to Reality - Opening Event

By: Alinde Gnatzy

Report on the opening event of the art exhibition.

Closing Ceremony of Civic Education Programmes 2022

Participants of KAS-JCCE programmes convene in Amman

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Jordan Office marked this year’s conclusion of the “Youth Academy” and “Women’s Voices” programmes which took place in cooperation with the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education (JCCE).

Impact of the War in Ukraine on the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen and the Prospects of Peace

Expert Roundtable in Amman

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) organized a panel discussion in Amman on the 25th October 2022 on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the prospects for peace.

Jordanian Academy for Political Education

The Closing Ceremony

On the 14th September 2022, KAS Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies celebrated the closing ceremony of their training, "Jordanian Academy for Political Education" in the King Hussein Club.