Modernity and Islam

New Approaches in Koranic Studies

After field studies in Yemen and reviewing early Koranic manuscripts kept in Sanaa and Tarim, this seminar will explore the ways of establishing a historical-critical edition of the holy book of Islam.

Expert conference

Migration in the Middle East

The Social Impact of Globalization

While the Middle East is widely perceived as a region of emigration, it has become over the last years also one of immigration, in particular from Asia and Africa. The seminar will assess the situation and give policy recommendations.

Expert conference

Modernity and Koranic Studies

Modernity and Islam in the Near East

A modern interpretation of the Koran require that its text be put into a historical frame. Early manuscripts of Islam's holy book preserved in Tarim are important sources. The seminar will train staff of the Tarim Library in conservation techniques.

Expert conference

Modernity and Koranic Studies

Modernity and Islam in the Near East

Modernity requires re-reading and re-interpreting Islam's holy book. The seminar will assess trends in Koranic Studies and requirements for establishing a historical-critical version of the text, of which Yemen holds invaluable early manuscripts.


Iraq after the War: Re-Empowering Society

Capacity Building for Future Returnees to Iraq

This seminar is the second in a series of workshops that give Iraqi professionals a platform to develop ideas for the social and political reconstruction of Iraq.


Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Yemen

Democracy Building in the Near East

Yemen opted for democratic reform a decade ago. National elections will take place 27 April 2003. The aim of the seminar is to motivate women’s participation in political parties and enhance their public communication skills.


Globalization and Migration in the Middle East

The Persian-Arab Gulf has become a major immigration and transit center over the last three decades. The workshop will assess the current situation with regard to the challenges of globalization.

Expert talk

Capacity Building for Future Returnees to Iraq

The seminar will give Iraqi professionals a platform to discuss how to participate in the social and political reconstruction of Iraq after the conflict.

Expert talk

Iraq After the War

Planning for Iraq's Future

Although the war is not over, post-conflict planning for Iraq has begun. While the focus is on the humanitarian crisis, long-term development issues need to be addressed. For this, key sectors will be determined.

Book presentation

Countdown to Elections in Yemen

Democracy Building in the Near East

In several workshops, women candidates have been trained for election campaigning and public communication skills. The workshop presents the instruments that were developed; posters, candidates' guides, in-depth-studies.

Jordanian and Palestinian Political Analysts Dialogue

Taking Stock and Rethinking Future Relations

KAS-Jordan Office and KAS Palestine Office organized a dialogue seminar for young Jordanian and Palestinian political analysts. The participants discussed current developments in the Middle East conflict as well as the shift in regional power relations and how it affects them both domestically. The decision-making processes of both governments were also examined, as well as possible future energy and water cooperation. Finally, issues of identity in both Jordan and Palestine were explored.

Training Programme for Municipal and Governorate Council Candidates

Jointly with Al-Quds Center, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Jordan Office conducted two training workshops on municipal and governorates management and how to run successful election campaigns. These two workshops took place in March 2022 in the governorates of Amman and Irbid.

The Untapped Potential of Jordan’s Youth for the Kingdoms Decentralization

An Event Report on the Workshop-Series “Local Administration and Youth” by KAS and MOPPA

The Jordan Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, in cooperation with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, has been organizing six one-day workshops on “Local Administration and Youth” across the Hashemite Kingdom. The workshops focused on raising awareness and promoting discussion for the upcoming municipal elections on March 22nd, 2022 and the role of local community. The first workshops in Madaba on February 17th, 2022 witnessed among its 19 participants a wide spectrum of Jordanian youth and women.

Jordan: Between Dreams and Reality

A Collective Virtual Arts Exhibition

A virtual arts exhibition under the theme 'Arts and Politics'

Civic education - A vehicle for change

By Pauline Augsten

On Saturday, November 27 and Sunday, November 28, 2021, the Jordan Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, in cooperation with its partner, the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education (JCCE), hosted a two-day conference on "Preventing Radicalization Through Education - A Regional Perspective." As panelists, three guests from Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine, in addition to Jordanian political analysts, educators, government officials, academics and religious figures took part in the discussions.

Jordan's International Relations Survey

Conducted by KAS Jordan Office & Cooperation Partner NAMA

This event was to lunch the survey that delves into perceptions of Jordan’s largest economic supporter, which country Jordan should have as an ally, and which country does Jordan share foreign policy objectives with, political relations and diplomatic relations, the roles played by active states in the region, Arab-Israeli conflict, instability and regional conflicts, and international rivalries.

Exchanging Experiences Among Young Parliamentarians Across the Arab World

Regional Workshop

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation-Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies jointly organized an international "experience-exchange" workshop in the Dead Sea featuring young parliamentarians and experts across the Arab world.

Heralding a New Era of Development: Jordan in its Second Centenary

As the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has entered its second centennial of the foundation of the state, KAS Jordan co-organized a Conference titled “Jordan’s Second Century-Challenges and Opportunities” with its long-standing partner Al-Quds Center for Political Studies and under the patronage of his excellency the Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Musa Al-Maayteh.

Maritime Security in the Red Sea

Towards a Safe Maritime Security Zone in the Red Sea, Gulfs of Aden and Oman

Konrad Adenauer Foundation-Jordan Office and their partner, the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS), jointly organized a conference titled, "Towards a Safe Maritime Security Zone in the Red Sea, Gulfs of Aden and Oman". The conference brought together diplomats, political analysts, experts and delegates from both Jordan and abroad in order to discuss the importance of this maritime region in trade, transport/shipping, combatting piracy and terrorism and the necessity of cooperation and emphasizing regional dialogue on maritime security between key actors and countries.

Aktiv sein als Staatsbürger- und Staatsbürgerin!

Politische Bildung für jordanische Jugendliche

Mehrere Workshops gefolgt von vier erfolgreichen Aufklärungskampagnen resultierten, in einer krönenden Abschlussfeier der ersten Hälfte des „Women‘s Voices“-Programm und der Jugendakademie.