XIII. LAW TALK on Cambodian Constitutional Law

Implications for State Organisation and Basic Rights

13. Law Talk in Sihanoukville, 20th until 22nd March 2015


The support for the development of legal education in Cambodia has been one of the main priorities of the work of KAS Cambodia. One of the essential elements of this support are the reoccurring Law Talks, which are regularly organized forums for legal experts, in order to promote inter-generational dialogue on current legal issues.

From 20th until 22nd of March, KAS organizes the 13th Law Talk in Sihanoukville to discuss the implications for state organization and basic rights of the Cambodian Constitutional Law.

The two main objectives of the forum are as follows:

Firstly it will consider the current political context and aim at contributing to the analysis on ongoing discussions on “Electoral, Parliamentary and Political Party Reform” in Cambodia, looking at the suggested changes of the legal frameworks and their implications for the Cambodian Constitutional Law. On Day 3 the focus of the discussion will be on selected basic constitutional rights, their international perspectives and legal enforcement in Cambodia.

Secondly the Law Talk will invite all authors currently contributing to the yet to be finalized KAS Publication “Handbook on the Development of Cambodian Constitutional Law”, providing them with the opportunity to network and to share their work/analysis with a wider audience.

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