14th Law Talk

Fairness and Integrity of the Electoral Process in Cambodia

KAS organizes the 14th Law Talk on Fairness and Integrity of the Electoral Process in Cambodia.


The support for the development of legal education in Cambodia has been one of the main priorities of the work of KAS in Cambodia. One of the essential elements of this support is the KAS Law Talk, held annually in order to promote dialogue on current legal and political developments.

The commune/sangkat council elections and national elections are bound to be held in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Compared to the national elections in 2013, much has changed or is currently undergoing a reform process. These reforms bring new opportunities and improvements yet the Cambodian electoral system still faces challenges and uncertainties.

The 14th Law Talk will focus on remaining challenges and aims at finding potential solutions and ways to approach their successful implementation.

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Electoral Politics in Cambodia. Historical Trajectories, Current Challenges, and Comparative Perspectives.: Prof Dr Aurel Croissant
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