Study and Information Program

Asia Urbs III - Provincial Towns in Cambodia

Study Tour to German Project Partner Rhein-Sieg-Kreis

District Governor Frithjof Kuehn is welcoming the Cambodian Delegation. Experts of the District's Administration share their knowledge and working methods with their Cambodian colleagues.
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  • Camb. Delegation:H.E. Leng Vy (MoI)H.E. Liv Bun Hay (Ministry of Finance)H.E. Sieng Suthang (Dep. Provincial Governor BTB)H.E. Ly Bunthoeun (Dep. Provincial Governor Siem Reap)Uy Ry (District Gov. BTB)Tep Bunchhay (District Gov. SR)

    Wolfgang Meyer

    Leiter des Auslandsb├╝ros in China (Beijing)