Citizen Advisors Training on Victims' Participation in the Process of the ECCC

The training series for citizen advisors aims at dissemination of information on victims participation in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Process (ECCC) to target villages. 30 participants come from school lecturers, NGO staff, students and village chiefs
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KID Office, Phnom Penh


  • Dr. Helen Jarvis
    • Head of Public Affairs Section
      • ECCCMr. Rafael Dochao Moreno
        • Chargé d'Affairs
          • ECMr. Wolfgang Meyer
            • Country Rep
              • KAFMs. Dina Nay
                • Executive Director
                  • KIDMr. So Hoeurn
                    • Program Coordinator
                      • KID

                        Wolfgang Meyer

                        Leiter des Auslandsbüros in China (Beijing)