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The Development of Cambodian Administrative Law

The Development of Cambodian Administrative Law, edited by Kai Hauerstein and Jörg Menzel and published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, will be presented on Wednesday, 7th May 2014, 17:30 at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal.


The book is the result of the collaboration between different stakeholders interested in the development of a functioning administrative legal system in Cambodia. Although Cambodia has recently made efforts towards the creation and improvement of civil as well as criminal law, comprehensive legislation of Administrative Law is still needed.

The book enlightens the reader on general aspects, principles and definitions of Administrative Law and analyses the status of Administrative Law in Cambodia in different thematic areas. One chapter focuses on the comparative perspective of Administrative Law development in various countries. The book also includes examples of Codes of Good Administrative Behavior/Practices from different countries.

The book launch will provide insights and backgrounds related to the publication. Selected authors will give their remarks on the value of the book and “The Development of Cambodian Administrative Law” in Cambodia in general. The input of the speakers is followed by a symbolic ceremony of handling over the book to representatives of law faculties, government institutions and students.

For further information please refer to the program in PDF Format.

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Hotel Raffles Le Royal, Phnom Penh


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