Roundtable Discussion on Organizing Political Communication beyond Elections

Experiences from Cambodian parties and the CDU

KAS and the Club of Cambodian Journalists (CCJ) jointly organize a half-day Roundtable Discussion on 24th July 2015 on “Organizing political communication beyond elections: Experiences from Cambodian parties and the German CDU.


In a democratic political system, it is essential for political parties to clearly communicate their strategies, objectives, platforms and policies as well as their activities at the national and subnational level to citizens and the media. Effective means of political communication should emphasize not only on the electoral campaign period, but inter-election time. In this respect, continuous public political communication is important for Cambodian political parties, particularly in terms of Cambodia’s recent and increasing widespread of social media.

The discussion aims at firstly sharing some practical experiences from the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) on their successful political communication strategies to reach the voters. The second primary goal of this discussion is to improve the current political communication structures and strategies of the two elected political parties. Therefore more effective methods of political communication will be ensured through building functional structures and organization of the parties’ public relations/communication department.

It is expected that upon the completion of the discussion, that journalists have a better understanding on the importance to report on political parties’ positions and activities and to monitor their work effectively. Through exchanging experiences between Cambodian and German approaches on political communication participant shall get broader perspectives on the benefits of close and ongoing cooperation between political parties and the media.

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