German MPs to share experiences with the CPP and CNRP

KAS Cambodia organizes two discussions between visiting German Members of Parliament (MP) and representatives of the CPP and CNRP on 29th and 31st March 2015 respectively.


4 years ago, within the framework of political party youth trainings, KAS regional office in Singapore has initiated a training program under the name “Konrad-Adenauer-School for Young Politicians (KASYP)” to strengthen political parties in Asia and to develop and train accountable and responsible young political leaders. In this regard Dr. Hauptmann (Member of Parliament) and Dr. Voigt (Member of the State Parliament of Thuringia) will participate in a 3-day leadership training on campaigning for young politicians from Cambodia, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines.

During their stay in Phnom Penh KAS Cambodia organizes two side events in order to engage the German MPs in dialogues with Cambodian political party representatives.

The discussion with the ruling CPP will focus on the importance of political communication in a changing media landscape, more precisely, it will focus on how to communicate successfully as a political party and as an individual MP with the public.

With the CNRP the dialogue will focus on sharing experiences on the organization of party work in parliaments and on the daily work of young MPs in Germany.

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Denis Schrey

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Head of the Multinational Development Dialogue Brussels

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