Introduction to the Work of Advisory Structures of Political Parties

Lessons for Cambodia?

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung promotes the development strong and professional political parties in Cambodia. This workshop aims to discuss on possible options/models for setting up advisory committees for political parties in Cambodia.


For quality policy and party platform development political parties generally cannot rely only on internal structures and resources only. The development of party platforms and policies in general is affected by different factors. Parties' positions are influenced by societal change and challenges, as well as charismatic leaders. Lively interparty and controversial discussions are also key to further develop policy directions of a party. Especially party’s with a long history have developed strong party identities over time.

Positions and policies of political parties are grounded in their party philosophy/values and identity which is continuously challenged by inner party discussions as well as the development/changes of norms/values in a society itself. In Western democracies political parties do not fully rely on internal resources for policy and platform development. They established party advisory committees/working groups in various thematic areas, which support the party in developing policies. Such advisory structures are open to party members as well as non members and often include experts from different sectors (business/NGO’s/ Academia). Nevertheless the tasks of theses structures are to advise the party and to influence the development of thematic policy directions. In the Cambodian context the concept of advisory committee’s to parties is quite new. KAS with this workshop aims to engage with parties in a dialogue on the further strengthening of advisory structures within their party.

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