Consultative Dialogue

preliminary findings from the survey on waste management practices at municipality and district level

On 29th May 2015, KAS organizes a consultative dialogue at the National League of Councils to discuss the preliminary findings on waste management practices at municipal and district level.


The National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development (NCDD) in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment has been reviewing the legal framework on waste management. A new Sub-Decree is therefore currently drafted, aiming at transferring the function of waste management to the district/municipal level.

To better understand the situation of the implementers at the sub-national level, NCDD, in cooperation with The National League of Municipality Districts/Khans Communes/Sangkats Councils (NLC/S) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, gathers experiences and lessons for documenting the current practices and challenges on Waste Management at the district and municipality level. This documentation serves as one of the important tools for national policymakers to support the development of adequate waste management policies in response to local needs.

The consultative dialogue aims at presenting the outcomes of the documentation of information and providing an opportunity for policymakers (Waste Management Working Group) and the implementers to discuss and review the provisions in the draft Sub-Decree detailing the future function, responsibility and tasks of the districts and municipalities.

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