Consultative Dialogue on Rights and Duties of Parliamentary Groups

Prospects for the Cambodian National Assembly

On 27th January 2015 KAS hosts a consultative dialogue for CPP and CNRP members of the working group on the revision of internal rules/procedures of the National Assembly.


Parliamentary groups are formed to coordinate the activities of Members of Parliament. Their duties and rights serve that same purpose. Together, parliamentary groups carry out the functions of political agenda setting, decision-making, and recruitment of political leadership. As a result, they are highly important for the smooth flow of daily activities of the National Assembly and the efficient coordination of Members of Parliament.

The Cambodian National Assembly is currently reviewing its internal regulations. Among the core issues to be discussed are the roles and functions of parliamentary groups, their introduction into the National Assembly as well as challenges with the application of existing provisions.

The objective of the dialogue is to discuss and agree on a coherent understanding of the term parliamentary group in the context of parliamentary work in Cambodia. KAS contributes to the ongoing discussion at the National Assembly and the Senate to review the legal framework for parliamentary groups and to contribute to an improved common understanding of the role and functions of parliamentary groups.

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Denis Schrey

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Head of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue

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