Consultative Meeting: Special Focus on Research Services

KAS organizes a half-day Consultative Meeting for selected officials from the National Assembly and the Senate.


In lively democracies such as in Cambodia, Members of the National Assembly constantly engage in multiple, highly complex and very important issues at the same time. In order to make decisions to the best of their knowledge, independent, objective and accurate information related to all relevant policy issues is required. To meet such demand and to assist the Members with their parliamentary activities, a professional in-house Research Service is essential.

In 2013 the Secretariat of the National Assembly decided to engage in a reform of their existing research services. A new organizational structure for the Research Center and its departments has been elaborated with the support of Professor Grosse-Sender, a Senior Parliamentary Advisor and former Secretary General of the German state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In cooperation with the Secretary General of the National Assembly, the consultative meeting is going to discuss on the status of the reform and the decisions taken by the Secretariat to set up and strengthen the Research Center. The meeting will also seek further input and advice from external consultants on

a)the organizational/management structure of the Research Center,

b)its budget,

c)the recruitment plan for in-house and external recruitments.

During the meeting it will also set up an action plan and timetable to prepare for the next reform steps.

The objective of the Consultative Meeting is to strengthen the Research Center by discussing reform concepts for the organizational and human resource reform.

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Denis Schrey

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