Legal Analysis and Drafting Explanatory Notes

In terms of their cooperation with the National Assembly of Cambodia Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has invited Professor Dr. Große Sender for the third time in a row for a two-weeks visit to the country.


In the course of strengthening the parliamentary administration the expert will perform 10 days of training for members of selected commissions and legal services about legal analysis and the drafting of explanatory notes. Thereby, he will be supported by a cambodian law professor, Kong Phallack.

At the same time the expert advises the National Assembly in organizational questions concerning the creation and personnel structure of a „Research Center“. He will also function as a moderator and counsellor of an internal process of coordination with the parlamentary administration, which aims at the composition of recommendations for Members of Parliament.

Further information about the agenda and content of the training will be provided for download on our english website in due time.

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KAS Office, Phnom Penh


  • Prof. Dr. Große Sender

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