Professional Media Relations and Political Communication

KASYP Alumni

The KASYP Alumni Workshop, organized by KAS Cambodia, will deal with the topics of professional media relations and political communication.


With an eye toward the upcoming Commune Elections in June 2017 in Cambodia, the workshops main objective is to improve the participants’ skills in practical media relations and political communication. It addresses around 30 young politicians belonging to different Cambodian parties, who form part of the KASYP Alumni network.

In order to effectively inform the public about topics like the specific party platforms, as well as the parties’ decisions, plans and strategies, fostering these skills and techniques among young Politicians seem to be unavoidable. Therefore, KAS Cambodia invited Mr. Alastair Carthew, an Independent Advisor and Specialist in, inter alia, public relations and media training, as well as Mr. Puy Kea, a Cambodian Political Journalist to conduct the training and share their experiences. Questions on how to construct and deliver a speech or how to conduct a media interview will be thematized. The one-day trainings session also provides the Alumni an opportunity to network.

KASYP stands for Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians, a regional programme, conceptualized and first implemented in 2010. It is designed to strengthen political parties in Asia and to develop a cadre of accountable and responsible young political leaders.

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