‘Appropriate Expropriation’?

Securing Land and Property Rights in South-east Asia

The Rule of Law Programme Asia shall organize a conference in Siam Reap to discuss the regional implications of Expropriation. Its objective is to highlight the legal remedies and mechanisms to secure land and property rights in South-east Asia.


‘Expropriation’ as a term has developed in international jurisprudence to be understood in the context of ‘eminent domain’ where a government or public authority takes possession of land towards ‘public use’ thus divesting the title of the private owner. However, the media today often associates ‘expropriation’ with ‘land-grabbing’ and the debate has generated much controversy in the Southeast- as well as East-Asian context.

In this regard, the Rule of Law Programme has organized an international seminar in Siam Reap to specifically address the following the questions:

– What are the legal, socio-economic, cultural and environmental implications of ‘Expropriation’ of land as it is understood today in this region?

– And thereafter, what possible legal solutions are available to address the various facets of ‘land-grabbing’ (generally, but not exclusively, used to describe the taking of arable or agricultural land) in South-east Asia?

The target audience for the workshop includes representatives from Government authorities, legal experts on national and international law and especially, experts from Civil-society who have ‘on-ground experiences’ from the respective countries.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia


Denis Schrey

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