Strengthening Information Policy and Public Relation Work for Capital/Provincial Administration

The training on 'Strengthening Information Policy and Public Relation Work for Capital/Provincial Administration' is one important module of the cooperation between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information.


This course aligns itself with the three year work-plan of the National Committee for sub-national democratic development (NCCD) - the inter-ministerial mechanism for promoting democratic development through decentralization and de-concentration reforms throughout Cambodia.

The module builds on the knowledge provided during the first training component which was conducted in December 2011. The first course (3x2 days for 72 participants from 24 Provinces in charge for communication and information policy) clarified the roles, duties and responsibilities of information departments and officers and introduced some general communication tools.

The second training course intends to strengthen practical skills to improve and train the correct preparation and application of communication and information tools by the participants. The focus will lie on the practical application of journalistic techniques as, the writing of press releases, press articles, the organization and implementation of press conferences and the definition and development of other tools and instruments for the promotion of the information activities of the provincial administration.

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