Workshop for Communications Teams from the Cambodian Parliament

KAS in cooperation with GIZ organizes a training for the PR departments of the Cambodian Senate and the National Assembly.


From 1st to 4th December a workshop to further train the spokespersons and staff members of the Cambodian Senate’s and National Assembly’s Public Relations Departments will be organized by KAS and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The event aims at professionalizing step by step the capabilities of the employees related to their communication with the media and public relations activities.

In addition to the provision of theoretical knowledge the event intends to organize press relations in parliaments more effectively through the implementation of processes, procedures and techniques. Not only will the participants be trained in the preparation of press releases and the provision of information for the work of the legislative branch with the media and Members of Parliament, but also in the implementation of press briefings and the preparation of internal and external communication strategies. Discussions with the expert to optimize internal procedures will also take center stage during the event.

KAS Cambodia advocates transparency and an improved representation of the Cambodian legislative branch with the media.

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