Survey Results on Solid Waste Managment Practices

Municipality and District Level

NLC/S and KAS will organize a dissemination workshop on 26th May 2016.


In response to the adopted Sub-decree No.113 on Solid Waste Management at Urban Areas, the National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S) - with supports from KAS Cambodia - conducted a survey on solid waste management practices at municipality and district levels, by documenting the current situations and challenges related to waste management of the selected municipalities and districts.

This survey is a very important tool for national policy makers to support the development of proper waste management policies in response to local needs.

This dissemination workshop presents the next step and focuses on:

1. Disseminating the findings of the survey to municipality and district administrations

2. Providing the administrations with a chance to learn best practices from other administrations

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Survey Report on Waste Management Practices at Municipality/District Level
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