Dialogue on Decentralised Solid Waste Management

Towards establishing a clear separation of functions for national and subnational authorities

A two-days Dialogue on Decentralised Solid Waste Management, jointly organized by KAS Cambodia and the National Committee on Subnational Democratic Development Secretariat (NCDDS), will be held from 11. - 12. December 2014.


In the framework of the ongoing decentralization and de-concentration policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia waste management is one of the key areas where roles and responsibilities between administrative tears of government regarding the management and finance and monitoring of collection and treatment services need to be further fine-tuned and decentralized. Recently, the Ministry of Environment and the National Committee on subnational Democratic Development Secretariat (NCDDS) have formed a team to review the institutional framework and the corresponding legal documents in the field of solid waste management which needs to be further developed through consultations with relevant stakeholders.

In this regard, a “Dialogue on Decentralised Solid Waste Management: Towards establishing a clear separation of functions for national and subnational authorities” is jointly being organized and supported by KAS Cambodia and NCDDS. It will be joined by selected representatives from the Ministry of Environment, NCDDS, Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Interior and selected Subnational Administrations (Kampot and Battambang), who are experts in the field of waste management and decentralized functional assignment.

The primary objectives of this Dialogue are:

  • Provide participants with an opportunity to gather lessons and experiences from selected local administrations in Cambodia and overseas
  • Review the existing institutional and legal framework and discuss suggested changes in the overall roles and responsibilities of subnational administrations in the field Waste Management
  • Dialogue on practical draft of an institutional and legal framework for decentralized waste management
In line with the above objectives, this Dialogue expects the following outputs:

  • First general consensus reached on redefined roles and responsibilities of subnational tiers of government on Waste Management
  • Elaboration of a first general draft of the institutional and legal framework on decentralized waste management through seeking feedback from different tiers of local government into the discussion process
  • Action plan for next steps
Ultimately, the participants will be able to gather inputs on Waste Management, initiate discussions and review institutional roles of different tiers of local governments on Waste Management.

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