Lauching the Competition for "A more transparent and citizen friendly province"

To follow up last year's activities, KAS in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Information organises a competition for a transparent and citizen friendly province.


Last year, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information held a series of trainings to improve the press and public relations work of provincial administrations. Additional to the trainings, the ministries provided the legal framework for more decentralised information and PR work through the establishment of a team in charge of information.

To follow up these activities, Konrad-Adenauer-Stifung, in cooperation with both ministries organises a Competition for “A more transparent and citizen friendly Province”.

It consists of four parts,

a) launching and introduction in the requirements/criteria for the Competition

b) the dossier preparation by the respective Provincial Administrations

c) the evaluation of the dossiers by an independent jury

d) the award ceremony

The competition takes place in all 23 provinces and the capital Phnom Penh from March to June 2013. It aims to encourage the province administration’s to showcase their work and to illustrate their progress on effective communication with the media and the citizen through different means.

The competition will be launched on March 5th with attendance of H. E. Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information and H.E. Sak Setha, Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior.

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