How to work effectively as a spokesperson?


In order to improve the work of spokespersons across Cambodian government institutions , KAS Cambodia organizes a Workshop on effective Communication of Spokespersons.


KAS Cambodia has actively been promoting the set-up of spokesperson units at subnational level in Cambodia since 2011. As of 2013 all provincial governments have set up a spokesperson unit to regularly inform the public on important developments connected to their work. In a three-year capacity building effort provincial spokespersons have been trained to improve their performance.

At the national level, spokespersons have been identified by Cambodian ministries and other government institutions. Those identified are responsible to inform the public about government policies and have been trained to engage with media inquiries. Nevertheless, the level of experience and expertise varies considerably across government institutions.

Thus, there is an urgent need for more training, which will assure more credible and regular information sharing as well as more confidence of spokespersons’ public appearances.

In the long run such efforts will lead to a more satisfactory level of trust between officials and the media and contribute to more transparency.

To reach these objectives the workshop will focus on formal press conferences as well as unexpected stand-up situations and one-on-one interviews. In addition to understanding the basic principles and techniques of answering media questions, the participants will also partake in a simulation exercise, to practice their public appearances and discuss each other’s performances in a constructive way.

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How to work effectively as a spokesperson: Seminar and Simulation
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