Dissemination Workshop on Deika Development - Solid Waste Management

National League of Local Councils

The dissemination workshop, supported and co-organized by KAS Cambodia, will focus on the Deika development on commune level in the field of solid waste management.


The dissemination workshop will function as a platform to inform about the drafting process in the Municipality of Battambang and to share experiences among other Communes, Districts and Sangkats.

Waste Management still remains one of the most pressing issues in Cambodia. In order to tackle this problem the Municipality of Battambang drafted a Deika (local regulation) to better organize stakeholders and manage the complex matter of waste management. It was the first time in Cambodia, that local authorities and stakeholders made use of the possibility to create such a regulation on a sub-national level and in accordance with their own specific needs – the needs of their city. The participatory drafting process included all related stakeholders, like commune chiefs, village chiefs, department officials, the service providers and local NGOs.

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René Gradwohl

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Seng Sokha

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