Workshop on Legislative Drafting

Ministry of Justice & Senate

The objective of the "Dissemination Workshop on Legislative Drafting - References and Techniques" is to deepen the knowledge about drafting procedures, instruments and key aspects within the Cambodian institutions


The workshop will be conducted by KAS in cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Justice and the Senate.

In July, 2016 The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) published/ launched a book on the Introduction of Legislative Drafting. As a follow up measure both institutions intend to conduct a number of dissemination workshops targeted at key stakeholders. The book addresses primarily officers from legal units of sector ministries - but is also beneficial for the Legislative - who are responsible for preparing the first legal draft. The follow-up work shop provides an opportunity to highlight those issues and techniques, such as Regulatory Impact Assessment, relevant for legal drafters and to ask questions in relation to their work. At the end of the work shop every participant will receive a copy of the book.

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Phnom Penh


René Gradwohl

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Saroeun Mom

Saroeun Mom

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