Panel Discussion: Media Reporting and Privacy


The Club of Cambodian Journalist is organizing a Panel Discussion on Privacy and Reporting of the Media. Cambodian judges will give a legal insight into privacy law in Cambodia and talk about the actual implementation by the media.


Community Empowerment Trainings

Cooperation with CCHR

The well known public forums "Community Empowerment", taking place in various provinces throughout the year, are supported by training CCHR provincial staff on mediation skills and solid issues concerning human rights.


Social Market Economy: Alternative Approach for Cambodia?

Alternative für Kambodscha?

Following the introduction of the social market economy concept to Cambodia in December 2009, a series of lectures and seminars will deepen the topic and reach a wider audience for discussion and future models.


Introducing Social Market Economy to Cambodian Scholars

Academic Forum

At this guest lecture, Prof. Ralph Wrobel will introduce and debate the concepts of Social Market Economy to students and academics at the Royal University of Law & Economics (RULE).


The Roles of International Relations in Peace Building

Academic Forum

The open Academic Forum on the roles of international relations in the peace building process and conflict resolution is organized by KAS and the International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC).


Regional Forum: Capacity Building for Commune Councillors

Cooperation with the Senate

KAS supports the Regional Forums for many years as they are the most effective means to bring Senators to their constituencies. Headed by various topics, they allow for exchange between villagers and local politicians with the national level.


Community Empowerment Trainings

Cooperation with CCHR

The well known public forums "Community Empowerment", taking place in various provinces throughout the year, are supported by training CCHR provincial staff on mediation skills and solid issues concerning human rights.


Legal Terminology

Capacity building in the Parliaments

Successful participation in our legal trainings and seminars is closely linked to understanding its legal terminology.


Public Forum on Human Rights and Development

CCHR-KAS Cooperation

On the 17 June 2010 indigenous communities will have an opportunity to raise their concerns with parliamentarians, local authorities, civil societies, community members at a Public Forum on “Human Rights and Development” in Rattanatikiri Province.


Constitutional Council

12 Year Anniversary

The Constitutional Council celebrates its 12th Anniversary. Three of the nine members will leave the council this month due to their fulfilment of their 6 year term. The new members will be announced today.

Waste Summit 2019

Smart waste business models and innovations for a clean Cambodia!

If you’re buying a meal in Cambodia to takeaway you can expect to get a plastic box with food in it, a plastic set of cutleries all packed up in a plastic bag. Your drink is going to be in a plastic cup with a plastic straw which is wrapped in plastic. But that’s still not it, the plastic cup will be put in another small plastic bag for you to hold. So, it seems quite logical, that an average Cambodian household uses 12 plastic bags a day, doesn’t it? Almost half of them will be burnt later and the rest ends up in the sea. With one of the fastest growing economy and a growing consumer market, Cambodia is generating significant amounts of waste. Phnom Penh alone already produces 3000 tons of garbage per day and the issue of waste will be more important every day. The landfills are being filled up more and more and manmade waste mountains will be the norm. But as technologies are getting more and more advanced, many start-ups are coming up with new innovative ideas to counteract.

German-Cambodian Journalism Training

Mobile Journalism Masterclass in Phnom Penh

KAS Cambodia organized a ten day training program on mobile journalism with eight German and eight Cambodian participants in Phnom Penh.

Die Zukunft der Abfallwirtschaft

Potentiale der Digitalisierung

Der Veranstaltungsbericht bietet einen Überblick über die Veranstaltung The Future of Waste Management - Seizing the Potential of Digitalization.

Youth and Peacebuilding Workshop

In the week from 27 August to 2 September, 40 young Cambodians took part in the workshop „Youth and Peacebuilding“. They learned about the cruel history of the Khmer Rouge and peacebuilding.

Digital Future Talk with Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt

Digital Masters – Germany's Lessons Learnt and Cambodia’s Way Forward

On April 19, 2018, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia organized the first Digital Future Talk in Phnom Penh. The half-day event made current digital trends, related policies and innovative digital ideas in Cambodia and Germany a subject of discussion and exchange and brought together experts from private sector, government and academia.

Media Programme publishes Mobile Journalism Manual

Multimedia journalists from all over Asia have produced a manual about mobile journalism. The online publication offers insights into this new storytelling method, explaining how reporters and newsrooms can produce good video reports by just using their phone.

KAS Media Study launched

In the past months Andreas Oldag, senior German journalist and the lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication (DMC), prepared together with the office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Phnom Penh a study on the current legal and political framework of the media in Cambodia with a closer look on the freedom of press and possible advantageous options through the installation of a carefully constructed regulation.

How to work effectively as a spokesperson

Seminar and Simulation

From the 18th to the 19th of August Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited 10 journalists and 26 spokespersons from various government ministries, provincial and municipal administrations in order to raise their awareness of a spokesperson’s role and discuss ways of improving their own role and responsibilities.

Law Talk XII. - Special Contribution on International Criminial Justice

Speech of Joachim Freiherr von Marschall

Joachim Freiherr von Marschall, German Ambassador to Cambodia, held a captivating and valuable speech during KAS’ 12th Law Talk from 1st-3rd August 2014 in Sihanoukville. With his kind approval KAS is grateful to be able to publish his speech. It consists of an introduction to Germany’s role and development towards international criminal justice. Subsequently, the it provides an explanation and evaluation of the procedures of the Cambodian ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia)and connects Cambodia and Germany in terms of their experiences with international criminal justice.

12th Law Talk on International Criminal Law and Human Rights

Implications for Cambodia

The support for the development of the legal system in Cambodia is one of the core components of the work of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The main aim of the law talks is to promote vital discussions between ex-perts, practitioners and scholars as well as different generations. Due to the legal vacuum that existed during and in the af-termath of the Khmer-Rouge regime, the cultivation of a legal discussion in the spirit of academic freedom and freedom of expression is of genuine importance as legal discourse remains underdeveloped.

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