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The Workshop organised by the KAS Country Programme intended to analyse the situation of the various NGOs which participated in the "Partnership for Peace Project" supported by the EU, which was terminated in June 2012. Representatives from different NGOs were given the opportunity to discuss their experiences, but also to develop strategies for the way forward. Special concern was given to the verdict of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the presidential elections.


Important aspects for the Cooperation between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Different Residents Associations in Kenya

KAS Cine Club

Soul Boy

The KAS office had its first film oriented cultural outreach program with a screening of a Kenyan themed movie called “Soul Boy”. The movie is shot in Kibera and the actors are locally sourced by a Germany Film Company called One Fine Day Films which has working relationship with Kenya’s Goethe Institute.

Consultative Forum on the Judicial Reforms and their relation to the forthcoming March 4th Elections


The on-going judicial reforms in Kenya call for public engagement and participation for people to understand the changes taking place, and especially so with the increasing search for justice, accountable and integrity driven leadership.


The office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Nairobi organised a one day workshop for its partners on 5th February 2013 at Eastland Hotel, Nairobi. The purpose of the work-shop was to introduce the partners to the new guidelines as expected of them from the KAS Head office in Berlin.


Structure and objective of the county GovernmentPeople’s participation with much emphasis on the party lists and other pertinent issues unknown to the public.The participants invited are from Non-state actors/civil society, the 2013 aspirants and opinion leaders from Machakos and Makueni Counties. The number of participants invited is fifty (50).

Organisation und Ablauf von Wahlen in Deutschland

01. – 08. Mai 2012

Studien- und Dialogprogramm für drei Mitglieder der Wahlkommission und drei Vertreter politischer Parteien Kenias zum Thema "Organisation und Ablauf von Wahlen in Deutschland", 01. – 08. Mai 2012

Herausforderungen des Klimawandels in Subsahara-Afrika

Fachkonferenz in Arusha

Vom 25. bis 29. März 2012 diskutierten die Auslandsmitarbeiter der KAS in Subsahara-Afrika, Kollegen aus der Berliner Zentrale und afrikanische Experten über die Folgen des Klimawandels und die damit verbundenen Herausforderungen für die Stiftungsarbeit in ihren afrikanischen Partnerländern.

E-lection Bridge East Africa

Political Communication in Kenya – in cooperation with the KAS Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa

The successful KAS Media Africa initiative "E-lection Bridge Africa" continues its activities in the region with a web tv workshop in Nairobi for representatives from different political parties and the media.

Kisumu Peace Festival 2011

From 4th – 6th August 2011

From 4th – 6th August 2011 Kisumu hosted its very first Peace Festival. The idea was to involve the whole city, to advertise peace in a big way, to organise an event which was going to be free for everybody.There had to be a way of how one could change the Kenyan people’s perception of Kisumu and break the vicious circle of “Unemployment – idleness – violence - investors leaving – more unemployment – etc.” Kisumu had to be portrayed nationwide as a peaceful city.

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