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The Role of Residents vis-a-vis the National and the County-Government

4th of April 2014, Amagoro

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), partnered with Teso District Residents Association (TEDREA) in supporting this activity to empower residents to demand for accountability from their elected leaders by extension own their own development Agenda. Devolution has worked in South Africa; it can also work in Kenya. Additionally through this workshop residents would stand a great chance especially the women and youth to assume leadership right from the grassroots.

The Role of Rural Women in Policy Making

3rd of April 2014 Kodedema Village

The good governance from a gender perspective requires more than women in politics. It requires fundamental incentive changes to orient public action and policy to support gender equality rights.

Enhancing Public Participation in County Governance

13th -14th of March 2014

Even though the Constitution has expressly provided for public participation in governance processes at both national and county levels of government, there has been very minimal citizen participation and/or involvement since the promulgation of the constitution. As we transit into a fully devolved system of governance where planning, coordination, budgeting, execution, monitoring and evaluation will be done at county level, enhanced citizen participation shall be critical in order to ensure transparency and accountability.

Consultative Meeting of the Kenya Young Parliamentarian Association (KYPA) in Cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

The Kenyan youth constitute 75% of Kenyan population. It is therefore necessary that youth agendas be given priority as a means of national development. Main issues affecting the youth in Kenya range from unemployment, social vices, access to relevant education and lack of meaningful engagement on issues that affect them. The current eleventh parliament has posed a major milestone for the youth as it is constituted of a higher number of youth legislators in the history of Kenya. Therefore a consultative forum for key youth organizations and parliamentarians was organized.

Workshop for County Assembly Members on Land Laws

23rd-24th of January in Kitale

The issue of land, its ownership, use and management is a highly emotive one in Kenya and was one of the key issues that drove the need for a new constitution. Following lengthy deliberations and a comprehensive public participation process, a new constitution was promulgated on 27th of August 2010. The Constitution sets out principles governing land and also requires all laws relating to land to be revised, consolidated and rationalized within certain timelines.

Training on Energy Efficiency

in the food processing industry and the building sector of Kenya

From 27th-29th November 2013 a training on energy efficiency took place at Strathmore University in Nairobi. Among the participants were representatives from important Kenyan enterprises such as “Tropical Heat”, “Ketepa Tea”, and “Sarova Hotels”.

Studien- und Dialogprogramm für Multiplikatoren aus Kenia

Inlandsprogramme der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Im Rahmen eines vom Team Inlandsprogramme organisierten Besucherprogramms besucht in dieser Woche die o. g. Delegation in Begleitung von unserem Leiter des Auslandsbüros in Kenia, Dr. Karsten Dümmel, Berlin und Leipzig.

"Mehr Transparenz bei den Wahlen 2013"

KAS-Büroleiter Karsten Dümmel in Kenia zu den politischen Entwicklungen in den vergangenen Jahren

Kenia hat seit den Wahlen 2007 Fortschritte im judikativen Bereich erzielen können. „Es gab eine umfassende Justizreform und vor einigen Monaten wurde eine Polizeireform in Gang gesetzt“, sagte Dr. Karsten Dümmel, Leiter des Auslandsbüros in Kenia der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung zur heutigen politischen Lage Kenias bei der Neuauflage des außenpolitischen Gesprächskreises der Akademie in Berlin.

Consultative Workshop for young parliamentarians and key youth organizations in Kenya

KAS Office Nairobi hosts young MPs and representatives of Kenyan youth organisations

The idea of this meeting is to form a network which can help and support the youth in their different challenges. The meeting was organized by Hon. Zuleikha Hassan with the participation of Hon. Isaak Mwaura and Hon. Johnson Sakaja as well as representatives of NDI, the Inter Party Youth Forum, the National Youth Council and the Youth Senate Kenya.

Consultative Forum for the Civil Society Actors in the Lower Eastern

On Entrenching Constitutionalism and Devolution Processes

The idea of this workshop was to highlight the expectations and responsibilities of the citizens in the new government.

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