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Consultative Forum on Local Governance and Civic Activism

This forum explores the vital role of the NGO sector in the county and the relationship between non-profit organizations, county governments, the business sector, and the community.


Enhancing access to justice to all especially to the poor and the marginalized in Makueni county

The workshop should inform about the major changes in the Kenyan judiciary and its chances for the people.


Consultative Forum on Accountability in Government

Ein Forum über Good Government

The forum will explore transparency, ethics and best practices in government.


Human Rights in Kenya

This Workshop will bring together 20 human rights activists to reflect on their relationship with government. The goal of this it is to strengthening the capacities of rights-holders to make their claims, and of duty-bearers to meet their obligations


The Land Reform Agenda in the New Constitution

This workshop is aimed at trying to explain the constitutional stand on land acquisition and how the public can go about on issues relating to land ownership.


Consultative Workshop for young parliamentarians and key youth organizations in Kenya

The workshop brings together 20 youth organizations and 5 members of the National Assembly.The agenda will include Youth and Governance and areas of needs for youth in Kenya and points of collaboration.


Konsultatives Forum für junge Parlamentarier und Vertreter zivilgesellschaftlicher Jugendorganisationen

In Zusammenarbeit mit Hon. Zuleikha Hassan organisiert die KAS ein konsultatives Forum, welches jungen Parlamentariern Gelegenheit bietet, eine Strategie zu entwickeln und dabei Vertreter zivilgesellschaftlicher Jugendorganisationen einzubeziehen.


Cooperation between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Private Economic Sector in Kenya

This Workshop shall give different stakeholders in the private sector as well as other international NGOs the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas concerning the private economic sector in Kenya.



The First Grader

This month the Cine-Club shows a remarkable movie about an old Mau Mau veteran who is determined to learn to read and write even if this means to learn together with six year-olds.


Consultative Forum for the Civil Society Actors in the Lower Eastern

On Entrenching Constitutionalism and Devolution Processes

The KAS-Nairobi has organised a workshop to highlight the expectations and responsibilities of the citizens in the new government.

Food Security Governance

On the 3rd and 4th February, 2021, KAS Kenya held a workshop with Civil Society Organizations and local media from Baringo Country with the aim of improving their capacities on how best they can engage political decision makers on areas of food security. The two-day forum, enabled the participants on how to map and analyze various personalities within the county so that they can easily sell their agenda aimed at improving livelihoods. The team resolved to undertake a process that will see the county recruit more agricultural and livestock extension officers to help farmers in both crop and livestock production and management.

Empowerment of Women in County Assemblies

Women and Politics

On 18th – 19th & 25th - 26th November 2020, KAS Kenya held an activity in Nakuru and Mombasa respectively to enhance the capacities of nominated and elected women MCAs from the Coast and Rift-valley regions. The specific objective of the event was to enhance the capacities of selected women legislatures i.e. elected/ nominated women members of county assemblies on effective campaign strategies to increase their numbers and quality of political debates during and after the 2022 elections. This would as well enhance gender responsive legislations and political initiatives at the county level and thus continue to promote decentralization governance system in Kenya.

Entrepreneurship Training for Aspiring Young Politicians

Entrepreneurship is one of the spearheading sources of revenue and a major income earning activity that promotes the country’s economy. KAS Kenya in the last one year has developed an entrepreneurship program (STEP) that seeks to train young aspiring politicians and all other aspiring candidates in our network on entrepreneurship skills. Based on the Entrepreneurship Training Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP), the aim was to contribute to the topics of education and research in the context of cooperation with emerging and developing countries.

Communication and Media training for Young Politicians

Media and Politics

In October 2020, KAS held training workshops for young politicians on how to effectively communicate using the media platform for visibility. The workshops targeted 21 young Kenyan youth who are pursuing careers in politics and public offices. The political parties represented included; Kenya African National Union (KANU), Ford-Kenya, Wiper, Amani National Congress (ANC), Safina, Jubilee, Ukweli and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Civil Society Engagement for Better Approach Towards Political Decision Makers "Power Mapping"

Food Security- Samburu County

KAS Kenya office held a two day training in Samburu County that brought together members from the media and CSOs that deal in livelihoods, peace promotion and disaster management. The main objective was to strengthen their capacity in developing better approaches (power mapping and analysis) towards political decision makers.

Development of Political and Lobby Documents for Food Security and Early Warning Systems

Food Security - West Pokot County

KAS Kenya office held a one day county level and a subsequent two days sub-county level training in West Pokot on how to undertake successful lobbying on areas of food security and disaster risk reduction.

Mentorship Training on Political Action Planning

Youth and Politics

KAS Kenya office held a two days training early February in Naivasha with KAS mentors, Mr. Roland Theis - Secretary General and Vice Minister of Justice and Mr. Gordon Hoffmann - Secretary General of the CDU Party Brandenburg on Political action planning. The two days training focused on two key areas namely: enhancing the participants’ knowledge and skill on county legislative, policy and budget making cycles so as to have in-depth awareness of the processes and where to intervene and political action planning and how they can effectively to push for actions in their constituencies.

Young Politicians Training on Entrepreneurship

On the 26th and 27th September 2019, KAS Kenya held a training on entrepreneurship for the young politicians. The aim of the training was to equip the young politicians with knowledge and skills on how to identify and profitably implement business ideas as alternative solutions to raise finances for their political careers. The training also purposed to improve their entrepreneurship competencies which would enhance their skill set in problem solving, team building among other skills for a successful political career and financial management. This intervention was necessary for the young politicians since they are expected to be future policy makers as well as create opportunities for the young people in their communities. Creative solutions such as business ideas are vital especially in this day and age in Kenya where unemployment is high

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.

Bestandsaufnahme der Devolution in Kenia

24. bis 25. Oktober 2019 in Nairobi, Kenia

KAS & KICTANet Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Digital Cooperation

On the 3rd and 4th October, KAS Kenya in partnership with KICTANet held a workshop on 'multi-stakeholder dialogue on digital cooperation'. To get a glimpse of what transpired do watch the videos with the different views of some of the stakeholders at the workshop. KAS Country director gives his views on How the digital space aids in the democratization process in Kenya.