The Role of the Media in Establishing Good Governance

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Good Governance Forum
Good Governance Forum

Under the framework of the “Good Governance Forum”, The Observatory for Public Service and Good Governance (OFP), in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), is hereby pleased to invite you to attend the virtual panel discussion entitled: “The role of the media in establishing good governance” on Wednesday, the 6th of October 2021, 4 PM Beirut time.


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The media plays a key role in forming public opinion and in encouraging good governance practices.  The media in Lebanon is no exception to this rule.  Therefore, it is necessary to open a discussion in the observatory on this subject and come up with recommendations and suggestions that enhance the role of the media seeking to spread the rules of good governance.

This event aims at informing the public about the prevailing media reality in Lebanon as well as explaining the principles of good governance and the extent of the media's commitment to them Presenting ideas and suggestions that can be implemented to enhance the reformist functions of the media. 

Opening Speech:

Professor Pascal Monin, the Directeur of the « Observatoire de la Fonction Publique et de la Bonne Gouvernance à l’Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth ».

Dr. Charbel Maron, the coordinator of the good governance forum, and Senior Academic and Media expert.

The panelists

  1. Professor Fouad Zamakhel, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Saint Joseph University
  2. Professor George Soulage, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Jumhuriya Newspaper
  3. Mrs. Rola Mikhael, Executive Director of Maharat Foundation
  4. Ms. Hayat Merchad, President of “Female” NGO and editor-in-chief of the website “Charika walaken” «شريكة ولكن»
  5. Mr. Walid Abboud, Editor-in-Chief of the news section at MTV Lebanon

Discussion topics:

  1. The impact of economic factors on the performance of the media in Lebanon
  2. The performance of the written media and the extent of commitment to the principles of good governance.
  3. The role of the media as an observer for public authorities.
  4. The performance of electronic media, social media, and its role in raising awareness on human rights, in particular women's rights.
  5. The performance of television media and the extent of commitment to the principles of good governance.

The event will be followed by a policy paper which will wrap up the main discussion and inform the decision makers about the key policy suggestions needed for the enhancing the implementation of good governance practices in the media sector.

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