Does the European Union have future?

On Wednesday, September 22, we open the new season of our discussion club "politka.lt".


The European Union faced in the last couple years hudge challenges: the global financial and economic crisis, energy security, cross border security shallenges. With consolidation of budgets and saving programmes some EU-States succeeded to combat the financial crisis and lead their economies to growth. During the difficult crisis time it became even more evident: the EU member states cannot succeed alone. It was begun to speak about closer cooperation between the member states and consult about future perspectives as well as consult about more financial security in the EU.

On Wednesday, September 22, we begin our new season of discussion club "politika.lt" and invite to the first session on the topic "Does the European Union have future?". Together with our panelists we will discuss possible EU future scenarios, debate on EU crisis of values and draw a balance of anti-crisis packages, speak about the future enlargement possibilities.

• Is the re-nationalization compatible with the EU?

Dr. Saulius SPURGA, Chancellor, Secretary of the University Senate, Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius

• Inevitable EU future

Mr. Audrius MATONIS, Journalist, Head of the news service at the Lithuanian TV channel „Lietuvos televizija“

• The EU crisis– Mission possible

Mrs. Laimutė PILUKAITĖ, Political Speaker, EU Commission's Representation in Lithuania

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