Expert conference

Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: Theory and Practice

Call for Applications

EDUCATIO: Institute for Development and Training, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Young Christian Democrats of Lithuania are calling for applications for their annual international summer academy.


The topic of this year summer academy is "Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: Theory and Practice". The aim of the event is to gather around the table competent academics, politicians, project managers as well as representatives of NGOs in order to exchange ideas concerning sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region. Participants are invited to discuss the ways of how the citizens and the NGOs of the region can be involved into the implementation of the EU Strategy and how to achieve the goals that are mentioned in the EU strategy. Special attention will be paid towards sharing the experience gained while implementing projects related to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and establishing relations for further cooperation. The discussions will be held in these groups:

1. The limits of the Baltic Sea region, its exceptionality, biggest challenges and perspectives of development;

2. The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region:

•need of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, its unconventionality, strengths and weaknesses;

•strategy‘s aims in the fields of environmental protection, economic development, infrastructure and security;

•expected impact on the states in the region and development of further EU regional politics;

•implementation of the strategy: fundamental projects and "lessons learned" by various institutions.

The deadline for the applications to participate in abovementioned event is June 1, 2010, selected participants will be informed not later than June 15, 2010. The applications shall be send to

There is no participation fee for the participation of summer academy. Working language - English. Arrival is foreseen on July 29, 2010 (Thursday), departure - August 1, 2010 (Sunday). If you have specific questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact organizers at

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