Is Lithuania a strong state?

The last meeting of "politika.lt" this year will focus on the question, whether Lithuania is a strong state.


Dear Sir or Madam,

we cordially invite you to the last meeting of "politika.lt" this year. The leading question during the discussion will be, whether Lithuania is a strong state.

Some of the important criteria for a strong state are the economic situation, an efficient use of state resources, and "social peace".

If Lithuania fulfills these requirements will be discussed in the meeting of "politika.lt".

Topics and Guests:

How strong is Lithuania’s energy sector? / Mr. Kęstutis JAUNIŠKIS, Advisor of the Minister of Energy

Lithuania and the EU: How many possibilities for joint action do we have? / Mr. Mykolas MAJAUSKAS, Advisor of the Lithuanian Prime Minister

Are riots in front of the Lithuanian Seimas likely to happen again? / Mr. Ramūnas TERLECKAS, Deputy Chief Editor of the daily newspaper "Verslo Žinos"

Administration of state resources: Is everything exhausted? / Ms. Rūta VAINIENĖ, Economic expert, President of the Free Market Institute

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