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Night Dust and Knock Code or Le Dossier Robert

Karsten Dümmel - born 1960 in Zwickau, after graduation studiesrejection; after 1985 arrest, »obligatory commitment to work« and constant confinement to city. 1988 GFR paid for his release - reads from his book "Le Dossier Robert".


Short introduction: The novel tells a story about Robert and Maria in the late seventies and early eighties of the GDR. The search of young couple for their happiness: The way between escape plans, pullback into private matters, devotion to destiny. The reader understands bit by bit, that the couple cannot find their idyllic aim. From different perspectives the episodes of their lives become alive. Doughter, friends and relatives get a word - the mosaic of personal and professional failure arises: Robert, who burned all bridges behind him as a Scientist and addicted himself to his obligatory commitment to work as building cleaner; Maria, a woman who is full of the joys of life, which seem like seeking her happiness in private life, among friends and her love to Robert. But everything takes an unecspected turn...

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La Boheme, Šv. Ignoto St. 3/4, Vilnius


  • Karsten Dümmel (Author
    • Contemporary witness)
      Nachtstaub und Klopfzeichen oder die Akte Robert