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Economic, political, social and cultural challenges as well as life long learning in 21 Century

On September 17-19 the international senior citizen's conference will take place in Lithuanian port Klaipėda.


The 21st century is significant for security policy and economic challenges, turbulences on financial markets and innovations as well as scientific research. It seems to get more and more difficult for a citizen to adjust to the hectic and challenging social life in a modern society and follow the newest developments. On September 18-19 senior citizens organizations from the Baltic States as well as the European Senior Citizens Union meet in Klaipeda to discuss about social, cultural, economic challenges of the 21st century as well as about life long learning. During the two day conference senior citizens will speak about the crucial happenings of the 21st century as well as challenges they faced and try to suggest how to solve the problems of the century and discuss the possibilities for life long learning in the regions.


• Economic, political, cultural challenges and life long learning in the 21st century.

Mrs. Romualda HOFERTIENE, Chairperson of Senior citizens organisation Homeland Union/Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

• Practical forms of life long learning. Cristian social teaching.%%

Dr. Algimantas BUČIŪNAS, Deanof the Panevėžys Faculty, University of the Third Age

• Impact of social position on learning as well as deepening of senior citizens general knowledge and it's impact on the destiny of the EU member states as well as all Europe.

Mr. Narcizas RASIMAVIČIUS, Signatory of the Independence Reestablishement Declaration of 11.03.1990, Member of the Supreme Council - Reconstituent Seimas

• Challenges of Eastern Neighborhood policy to Security of Lithuania and Europe

Mr. Stasys MALKEVIČIUS, Signatory of the Independence Reestablishement Declaration of 11.03.1990, Member of the Supreme Council - Reconstituent Seimas

• The founding history of ESU. Activities of ESU. Experience. Problems of senior citizens in the old EU member states.

Mr. Ulrich WINZ, Coordinator East Europe of the ESU%%

• Youth position to problems of senior citizens. Cooperation between generations.

Ms. Agnė BILOTAITĖ, MP, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

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Hotel "Araratas", Liepų g. 48A, Klaipėda


  • Dr. Bernhard Worms
    • Präsident der ESU
      • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang von Stetten
        • Landesvorsitzender der Senioren Union Baden – Württemberg
          • Frau Erika Reinhardt
            • Mitglied des Exekutivkommitees der ESU

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