Study and Information Program

KAF-KOMAS Southern Regional LaSallian Convention



To understand, appreciate and sensitise persons in the diversity of cultures, religion, belief systems and socio-economic realities of Malaysia.

To appreciate inter-cultural differences and experiences to foster a common understanding among Malaysians.

To deepen spirituality and realise its importance in empowering persons to effectively bring about personal and societal change through the promotion of global ethics and values.

To experience Lasallian solidarity as a lived reality.

To affirm the power of choice and to take responsibility for its consequences on self, others, society, environment.

To creatively initiate, as a Lasallian family, changes towards building a more harmonious, just, equal, free... environment.

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La Salle Brothers Bungalow, Pantai Kundor, Melaka


Dr. Peter Schier